Worrying about Grades

Photo of Shem-shem Pablo
By Buena Laoang


Worrying about grades?

G uess

R andomly

A nd

D evise

E stimated

S cores?


Oh no!


G ive

R ecorded

A nd

D eserved

E valuation

of S tudents




G reat

R ewards

A re

D ue (only to the)

E arnest, enthusiasic, empowered

S choolers!


Happy grading! And I wish for you happy :))) grades!





About the Author: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete finished Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines Diliman, and an awardee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Philippines in 2001. She is a mother, public servant, teacher. Her Lifenotes tell of a “once-a-wretch-now-fully-blest” life story, inspiring the advocacy of living simply, fragrantly and richly. She is a Filipino and is happy to be one.