Why do you think people never attempt to fix what they complain about?

Why do people keep doing things that they do not love to do? For example, work at a place they hate.
A lot of people complain about their lives, how they wish they could change, how they wish they would’ve gone a different route in life. It is never to late!

Why do you think people never attempt to fix what they complain about?




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  1. Don Ruhl says:

    Because it is easier to criticize than to work to make things better.

  2. Stuartart says:

    Simple: they get a benefit from that thing. If we think about the benefit we get from the thing we complain about we’ll see it’s there. It may be that we get to blame someone or something else, therefore we feel we don’t have the power and therefore responsibility to change it. It may be that it brings us attention EG: an abusive spouse. etc. etc.

  3. Harold Millet says:

    I agree with Don! It’s easier for them to complain than to be part of the solution!
    This situation is epidemic with all kinds of rallies here in the Philippines!

  4. Tiny House Wisdom says:

    Because of fear. They are afraid of losing their “stuff” but more importantly, they do not want to be homeless…

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