Loved Ones and Your Dreams


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Question for today:

Would you leave the ones you love and would you leave everything behind to follow your dreams?



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  1. Harold Millet says:

    We only leave everything if it’s for God!

  2. Stuartart says:

    That’s an interesting question. I think that the base of most human experience is of sharing. We love to see a good movie – but we enjoy it best if we’re with someone we love. We love to eat great food, but eating on our own is less fulfilling. So I think to leave ones loved ones behind to follow our dream may make the dream a little hollow. having said that, if your dream is to climb Everest – you usually have to leave your loved ones behind in order to do that. :)

  3. Buena says:

    hi Ronald! i didn’t! and here’s what i discovered- your dreams will follow you where you are with your loved ones!

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