Let me just say that I am supposed to have here a different post, which I readied earlier. However, things happened that I lost the file for today! So I came up with this to share. Hope you’ll enjoy it as well.
E   very thing seems falling into its place
M   aking your actions go as planned, or your dreams coming true
E   except that- suddenly, or in the blink of the eye
R   ises something you didn’t really expect, that you have no control of!
G   eez. (Or in my case, God, help me!)
E   scape, make an excuse, endure- what then do you do?
N  o way that you’re just gonna give up! or get stuck right there.
C  alm down…take a deep breath…compose yourself…identify your alternatives.
Y  es- best of all, in times like this- “test your faith”.
And you’ll get by just fine, as I did!

About the Author: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete finished Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines Diliman, and an awardee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Philippines in 2001. She is a mother, public servant, teacher. Her Lifenotes tell of a “once-a-wretch-now-fully-blest” life story, inspiring the advocacy of living simply, fragrantly and richly. She is a Filipino and is happy to be one.