Success Story: Elizabeth Scala of Rejuvenation Collaboration

By Alpha Miguel-Sanford


Liz Scala, one of our AMDaily writers (see here contributions here) is one of the people I give a lot of respect for a few reasons: she knows how to take care of herself and prioritize it; she not only takes this aspect of her life seriously but she also educates people on how to live healthier and happier; she constantly runs around (literally!) with her mission to support healthcare providers live a more wonderful life despite their hectic lifestyle. She wants people in the medical profession or in the ‘helping’ field learn how to ‘help’ themselves first. She knows that in order to continue giving support to others the golden rule is self-care, first and foremost.

Liz, created a program called Rejuvenation Collaboration to serve the purpose of her mission. Today she shares with us what is this all about and how we can all benefit from it – and the best thing is, this workshop is all for FREE!

This is her story:

AMS: Tell us about yourself. Your education, training and where you are currently involved in.

Coach Liz: My name is Elizabeth Scala. I am a Registered Nurse, Health Coach, and Reiki Master. I received my BSN from the University of Delaware and then moved to Baltimore, MD to work at Johns Hopkins Hospital as a psychiatric nurse. During my career, I went back to school and received my MSN/MBA from JHH School of Nursing. Even though I excelled at work and in school, my personal life was falling to pieces. I was taking little to no care of myself. I burned out very quickly from my career and from my lifestyle. I left the job security and safety of my hospital job to go work part-time at a wellness center, as a RN leading a physician referred exercise program. During that role, I went through and received my certification in health coaching. I then decided to open my business, Living Sublime Wellness, in May of 2011. More recently, I am back at the hospital (part-time) in a clinical nurse research role and completed another coaching certification program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My company is my main career focus and I am passionate about working with nurses to help them create space and time in their busy lives for self-care. I hope that through healthier and happier nurses our entire nation’s health can be improved and uplifted.
AMS: Tell us about how you become involved in your Rejuvenation Collaboration, its mission and how it started?

Coach Liz: My idea for the Rejuvenation Collaboration came about when I started to decide I really wanted to impact the health and well-being of nurses and health care professionals. I founded the event this past June and the first series was such a success that I am hosting my second one, the RCII, this October. The mission of the RCII is to spread a balanced and diverse array of holistic techniques and modalities to providers from all over the world. They can come to one, any, or each of the workshops and learn a self-care technique that they can then take on and use in their own lives. It sort of gives people a “taste” of what is out there and then after the event they can choose to pursue whatever resonated most with them. I also put this on so that we can connect with other like-minded individuals. From the presenters (both past and present), from me and my involvement as the host, and from participants- we create some lasting connections and relationships that, I am so happy to say, continue on to become friendships. I know I keep in touch with many of those who presented and participated in the RCI in June. Again, I hope that through each of us taking care of ourselves first and foremost I hope to create that ripple effect of health and well-being throughout the entire world.
AMS:  What is your vision of RC?

Coach Liz: My vision of the RC is that one day it becomes an annual self-care conference that I put on. I hope to host a larger event that is even more detailed and thorough; to create a community of nurses and providers passionate about self-care. My ultimate vision, as I have shared in the previous responses is that through the RC health care providers go out there and become role models for what healthy, happy, and whole really looks and feels like. I hope that patients and clients are impacted by providers who are taking better care of themselves each and every day.

AMS:  Who or what inspired you to be who you are? Have you always been involved in similar projects?

Coach Liz: I guess in a way my own experience inspired me to be where I am at. I had a very real-life, very harsh and uncomfortable, and very challenging time with burn out and compassion fatigue. It is very difficult, nearly impossible, to keep up with the pace of health care if you are not doing anything to take care of yourself. Very quickly I had to leave my job because I was unhealthy and unhappy. I do not want nurses who love their work and really feel called to be at the bedside, taking care of patients, to feel the same ways that I did. I want them to stay where they are at- and love it! So, in addition, you could say that every nurse working in a role that they love inspires me. I want them to want to stay where they are at and to continue to work in the profession we all value and respect so much. But how can you stay where you are if you don’t feel well, resent your work, and are a miserable human being? You can’t. And so now- I want to give back to those professionals and really lift them up so they can do the best job they are meant to do.
AMS: What are some of the greatest achievement that you’ve had?

Coach Liz: I am not sure what you are asking here… if you mean in life or with my business. So if you mean with my business, I guess the successful completion of my first virtual video tele-summit, the RCI. In June we had over 155+ health care professionals worldwide come together and really benefit from the connections, lessons, and presentations. It was a blast! And then, for now, my other great achievements have been my two self-published books (Back to the Basics: a Nurses’ Pocket Guide to Self Care; Learning through Experience: An Inspirational Resource of Expert Interviews) and my group coaching program.
AMS: Who are/were your motivators?

I know this is going to sound “selfish” to some, but I am my own best motivator. I want to feel healthy. I want to be happy. So I do things that make me so. I put my own self-care first and foremost. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all of the work that I have to do. I am also motivated by my life purpose- what am I meant to do on this earth, how can I use my gifts and talents to better serve, and how can I connect with my source of spiritual strength. I check in with each “thing” I am involved in and make sure that it is in line with me and my purpose.
AMS: If you were to tell us what are the most important skills that you need in order to be successful in life- what are they?

Coach Liz: I think that some of the skills a person needs are first off- not really skills. I think a person has to value themselves as who they are, really love and respect themselves. I then think once this is achieved, this is embraced, then we need to carve out the time and space to get things done. We can talk and talk about doing great things, but if we do not start the process by paying it some attention we will not move forward. Finally, I think that one has to have a great vision of what they want their life to be like. What is motivating them to succeed? Why are they doing the hard work? What is important and valuable to them? Now, if you really want some skills I have a very long list of them: patience, dedication, motivation, commitment, organization, communication, listening-skills, flexibility, open-mindedness, and a willingness to learn… to name a few.
AMS: What are your next goals for yourself? How about for RC?

Coach Liz: Some of my goals include getting myself out to the nurse community more to do more speaking events. I want people to be calling me and coming to me saying “Hey, Can you come give us a talk on (fill in the blank as it relates to self-care)?” I want to be known and seen as an expert for nursing self-care. I also want to create, produce, and run more group programs for nurses. I did my first group program this past summer and those that participated really got some fabulous benefits from my material. I would love to be able to share this with more nurses nationwide. For the RC… well, to do my next even in April and keep up with a bi-annual hosting of the RC. Until it is well-known and large enough for me to turn it into a conference.
AMS:  What is your definition of success?

Coach Liz: Success is feeling so fully aligned with your sense of purpose that the “work” no longer feels like work for you. You are enjoying what you do so much you are alive with pure happiness. You are living that vision you have created for yourself and are happy with your here and now. I think we can live “success” every single day of our lives, when we really look deeper at it.
AMS: When and where can people register for the FREE workshop?

Coach Liz:  They can come on over to The event is October 2nd through 11th with a kick-off panel party on 10/1 at 7:30 pm. All of the workshops are free – all you need is a phone and/or computer (you can hear us by phone, but if you want to see the presenter and myself and the slides you will need to login to a provided URL). If anyone has questions they can reach me at


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