Fall Family Traditions


“Daddy, can you get a ladder to stick the leaves back on the trees, please?”


Photo of Ria G. Rombaoa

By Charm Moreto Damon


You probably have noticed in the past week that the weather has become cooler especially in the evenings, and leaves have begun falling on the ground.  Well, my 3-year-old son seemed to have noticed such changes, as well, as he uttered the above line at dinner time the other day, staring at the balding trees in our backyard. 


Chuckling, my husband and I explained to him that the Fall season is coming, and that leaves fall from the trees during this season, but that they will grow back in the Spring and Summer for us to enjoy once again.  And of course, a series of inquiries from our little boy after our first response about falling leaves followed; I’m sure many parents can relate to this. 


Tomorrow, September 22nd is the first day of Fall, a season many of us look forward to, not just for the pleasant chill in the air and the beautiful colors it brings, but more so for the fun activities in store for the entire family this season.  As much as I personally enjoyed summer this year, I am also quite excited for the new season, particularly thinking about new traditions our young family can start.   For two years, with one child, we have gone trick-or-treating, visited pumpkin patches and farms, and made several Fall art projects with friends.  Last year, specifically, we actually picked pumpkins from a patch near our house, and hosted a family Thanksgiving dinner, this time with two children.  This year, we are again excited to build on our Fall family traditions as our children grow and learn about the season by celebrating it through various family and community activities.


How does your family celebrate the Fall season? What unique family traditions do you have? What is your most memorable Fall activity?  If you are away from family, how do you “celebrate” it with them?


Similarly, as we commemorate changes in seasons with family and friends, I could not help but think, “How does our family celebrate other life changes? As parents, how do we encourage optimism with our children amidst not-so-pleasant changes? How could we use each season change as a tool to teach them about bettering oneself?”


Happy Fall!



About the Author: Charm Moreto Damon is a mother, a TESOL professional and a freelance editor.  She graduated from the University of the Philippines, and pursued graduate studies at the Ohio State University, where she also taught academic writing and research to international students.  She is currently a stay-at-home-mom, and keeps herself busy with family, friends, and editorial work.   She may be contacted at charm.damon@gmail.com.