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I’m in the mood for a conversation. Instead of me asking you a question today, I want you guys to ask me a question.

Any question you want, I will answer it.


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  1. Ria Rombaoa says:

    hi ronald! here is one question for you….when one stops loving ,was it ever love? :)


    • Ria,

      Very good question. I believe we as humans, tend to lose interest. Not just in love but in a general sense. Remember when you were young and you just could not live without a toy but a week later you forgot all about it? Same concept in my opinion. Not saying “Love” is toy, but generally speaking people lose interest or “Love” all the time. Unfortunately. However, that does not mean that it was never love. We tend to fall in love multiple times with multiple people and with time the affection grows less and less for SOME.

      At the same time I also believe that one ever falls completely out of love with an individual. You have to remember “Love” is NOT from the heart, but from the mind.


  2. Stuartart says:

    Hi Ronald, if space is still expanding, what is it expanding in to? :)

    • Stu!

      Very nice to see you around. Hmmm space, intriguing concept isn’t it? I have done some studying in this department and a lot of reading. Not to mention watching a ton of Discovery Channel (does that event count?) and this is a difficult one.

      I believe that everything has a limit. However, I can’t seem to follow my mind with this one. Maybe there is such a thing as “infinite space” if you think about it. With their being billions of galaxies out there it would seem somewhat impossible to think of a wall or edge to space. So, with that being said: I don’t believe space is expanding “into” anything per se. However, we see what has happened light years before. What if there is a wall? Mind boggling!


  3. Generally speaking (which is always hazardous) are we motivated from within or without or both. And thank you for taking our questions.

    Be encouraged!

    • Mr. Edwards,

      Beautiful question. I tend to believe we are motivated more within than without. In other words, I would have to say both. Let’s look at some examples and details.

      Within: This is the one I lean towards the most. Why? Well, I usually use my own thoughts to generate my own motivations. I believe and keep thinking in my mind about a certain issue or accomplishment and get motivated to do just that. Let’s look at an example: I tend to keep most things to myself. I do that for my own motivation and my own well being. I am a big dream follower and I feel if a tell people about my dreams and aspirations I will be shut down. With me keeping this all to myself I rely on my own motivation to finish what needs to be done.

      Without: I believe we all need some motivation without as well. What exactly is motivation “without?” Well, I believe it is everyday problems and family. Lets look at some ways one can be motivated from without: Lets assume we are speaking about a family of 4 (Wife, Husband, 2 kids.) Lets also assume the family is in a unstable financial situation. Putting food on the table for your family and giving your kids what they want would be a motivation from “without.”

      Conclusion: Even though I lean towards motivation within myself. I strongly suggest that we need to have a balance of both.


  4. Harold Millet says:

    What made you changed your mind from asking us to asking you?

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