Special Edition Story: Soles 4 Souls – How Can You Help?

Photo from Soles4Souls

By Alpha Miguel-Sanford

Yes – I grew up in a third world country, the Philippines. I was born and raised there. I have seen and heard poverty in many forms. But do I really understand the feelings of insecurity of walking barefoot all the time? Do I really know what it means to walk around in shattered glass and dirty streets without anything to protect my feet? Do I know of anyone close to me who does not own a pair of reliable footwear that he can use everyday? Hmmm….maybe not.

I may have seen poverty growing up in thePhilippines but I have not really seen in my own eyes the predicament of many people who do not have the choice to wear the kind of footwear  they want. Or worse, people who do not have the capacity to buy themselves a pair of shoes!  The sad thing about this is that there are actually a lot of people, young and old who are in this kind of situation, right here in theUnited States!

Soles 4 Souls is an organization that has the answer to this. Their goal is to reach 300 million people around the world, not just in theUnited States to have shoes! They also collect used shoes to support small businesses to eliminate poverty.

Soles4Souls began in 2004 with the vision of changing the world one pair at a time. What is great about this organization is that anyone can participate in helping their mission come true. Anyone, including YOU! (I can just imagine how many shoes my daughter used when she was little that she barely touched.)

Yes, YOU!

Do you have a pair of used shoes that are just collecting dust in your closet? Would you like to donate them and give another individual a chance to feel safe while walking around? Would you like to be a part of changing the world with JUST one pair of your shoes that you no longer use?

If yes, I am thrilled!

Please join me with the Soles4Souls drive by doing either of these options:

1. Click on my Fundraising Campaigns for Soles4Souls and donate any amount that comes from your heart:  http://www.soles4soulsfundraising.org/alphas

2. Or, drop off a pair of used shoes in any one of the following locations in your area: http://www.soles4souls.org/about/locations.html

And after you do any of these and want to have some fun, go and check out the Brooklyn Fashion Weekend: http://bkfashionweekend.com/ where I might see you there!


About the Author: Alpha Miguel-Sanford, is the founder and editor of Aspire.Motivate.Succeed. She is also the author of the book “The Best Inspirational Storie I Ever Read: Guide to a Purposeful Life”.You can contact her at amsdaily@yahoo.com, follow and like her on Facebook Page AMSDaily and be friends with her on Twitter @identitysolved.

Disclosure: This blog post is part of the BKFW challenge, of which the author is a participant.