A Child’s Prayer

Photo of Ria G. Rombaoa

By Charm Moreto Damon

We all pray; how ever we “pray,” we all speak to a greater being, hoping our prayers are answered. Some of us pray for more abstract and general things, such as happiness, health, wealth, and love, to name a few.  Some pray for more specific things such as passing an exam, winning a contest, or meeting a long lost friend. Some prayers, however, are special and express a desire and a declaration of love and gratitude for experiences and loved ones.


This week, we share Darren, a little boy’s special prayer for his mom who comes home from work with a headache.  He utters the following prayer beside her, as she lies in bed:


“Papa Jesus, please don’t make my mama sad because she’s my best friend. She lets me have play time and story time. Thank you because Mama always fixes my toys. I love you Papa Jesus. I love you Mama. Amen.”


As you lie or kneel down to pray tonight, what special prayer do you have?  What special prayer do you offer that expresses your desires and declarations of love and gratitude for life and loved ones?



About the Author: Charm Moreto Damon is a mother, a TESOL professional and a freelance editor.  She graduated from the University of the Philippines, and pursued graduate studies at the Ohio State University, where she also taught academic writing and research to international students.  She is currently a stay-at-home-mom, and keeps herself busy with family, friends, and editorial work.   She may be contacted at charm.damon@gmail.com.


Call for submission and feedback

Have you heard or seen any noteworthy child? And please don’t be too humble; go ahead and share with us what your own child has said, asked or accomplished that inspired or motivated you in any way!  Do you have a family success story you would like to share with our readers?  We would love to feature them!  Email us at charm.damon@gmail.com for submissions and feedback!



  1. Buena says:

    Hi Charm! This is interesting, moves me to share my youngest child’s prayer every night…
    “Mahabaging Diyos na may malaking awa…
    Gawin mo kaming mabuting bata..
    Ilayo Niyo po kami sa sakit at masama
    Tulungan niyo po si Ama’t Ina
    Mga kapatid ko at mga kasama
    Sa pangalan ni Hesukristo, Amen.

    “Our God of great mercy, please make us good children. Keep us away from sickness and harm.. Help mom and dad, my siblings and friends…In Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen.”

    Rean, our 3 y/0, learned it in school, and we pray this led by her, before we proceed to our more personal prayers. She loves to utter this prayer, and as I observe this makes her have the faith that, even when she is alone in the front yard or a blackout suddenly happens at night and we are not instantly by her side, angels are with her and she is safe.

    Children do have their own unique closeness with God! =)

  2. Harold Millet says:

    Hi Charm! I was really blown away with this. Most of the time adults’ prayer are somewhat general and those are big. Seldom that we narrow them to specifics though we pray certain things specifically. We tend to forget sometimes those small things that others value and treasure the most. Thank you I love it!

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