Save Water

Photo of Ria G. Rombaoa

By Avdhessh Arya


The other day when I was washing hands after eating my meal, the water reminded of my grandmother– a noble and virtuous lady.

Whenever I accompanied her to the fields (my grandfather was a farmer) and asked for water, she used to say “We’re far away from human dwellings, and here, water is scarce, you must use it wisely. Don’t waste even a single drop. Every drop is precious.”

I feel bad when I see people wasting water. They leave the tap running, wash their cars and bikes with drinking water, let the water overflow from water tanks—they take it for granted.

Earlier, water was scarce in some places only, but nowadays, clean drinking water is becoming scarce almost everywhere.

The situation is really serious, and if we don’t act today, there’ll be no water left for tomorrow.



About the Author: Avdhessh Arya, is a personal development coach for youth and voice actor, who helps young people break walls of self-imposed limitations and become confident individuals. He is also the founder and owner of, a website portal with focus on dealing with lack of self-confidence, negativity, self-doubt, lack of focus and more. Visit to read more such insightful articles. He is also one of the authors of the book, “The Best Inspirational Storie I Ever Read: Guide to a Purposeful Life”.

We must start using this life-giving resource wisely before it get too late.


  1. Sharla says:

    This has actually crossed my mind several times lately, especially when showering. I often watch the water as it goes down the drain and think there is someone somewhere who would give just about anything just to have a small amount of what was being washing away.

  2. Harold Millet says:

    Same here Avdhessh I hate people wasting water! I just remembered when I watched a documentary that in most places in Africa u could hardly find clean water! People should realize how water is so important for everyone!

  3. Stuartart says:

    Excellent point. Compared to oil running scarce, water running scarce will dwarf it. After all – you can’t drink oil. Let’s all use as little water as we possibly can and encourage others to do the same. :)

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