Learn from your Mistakes?

I read in a book that the phrase “You should learn from your mistakes “  is an incorrect one.
They explained that if you keep making mistakes, you will never advance. Yes, you will learn from the ones you made however, you will keep making mistakes and never move forward.

Do you agree with this? Do you think you need to make mistakes in order to move forward?


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  1. Stuartart says:

    The aim shouldn’t be to ‘make’ mistakes, the aim is to keep pushing the boundaries – and making mistakes is a sign that you are. If you no longer make mistakes you are no longer learning as much. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t appreciate our successes – of course we should, but then push beyond them to find the new level. Good question Ronald. :)

  2. Sharla says:

    i don’t think one should concentrate on making mistakes in order to succeed but if mistakes are made along the way, they should be accepted as learning experiences. Learn from them, yes, so the same mistakes do not recur.

  3. buena says:

    When you commit some mistakes you don’t intend it, do you? Otherwise it becomes your choice of action- you permit the mistake; so then it reflects as a sign of no advancement on your part.
    “You should learn from your mistakes”- this does not suggest that you make a mistake in order to learn. It only tells that if you committed a mistake, you should choose to learn from it. It’s a move-on statement- a reminder that mistakes/failures don’t simply end there.
    It’s how one mind would interpret the statement. ;)

  4. jason says:

    make Mistake a Stepping stone, learn from it.. We all know that no one is perfect but its also not good if we keep on making it.

  5. Harold Millet says:

    it’s inevitable to make mistake. i agree with them it’s not to making our own mistake and learning from it for us to really move forward. i believe that it is even better to learning from others’ mistakes. sometimes we’re not conscious of doing our mistakes and most of the time we can easily notice others doing their mistakes. but at the end of the day it is a matter of how we correct these mistakes and how we make it up..

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