How does Money Affect You?


They say money is the root of all evil. Money changes people in a horrific way. However, I believe money only brings out who you really are.

Do you guys believe money changes people or does it bring out who you really are?

For this specific question it would really help if you guys comment on others answers of this question. Let’s get some discussions going!


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  1. This is a tough question because I think you are assuming money brings out the worst in people? But for me, I know it would make me less stressed! Having credit card debt just sitting there with high expenses on other bills is one of the major stresses I face and I know that having money, would alleviate a lot of that stress and in turn make me a calmer, less stressed, less frazzled person. I have watched those TV specials though where peopels lives end up in shambles when they win the lottery because there are family feuds and fights with spouses and other drama that stem from getting rich quick. Do I think it changes you? I dont really think so. Unless of course you become stuck up and selfish. But in my case, would it help out my stress levels! Definitely yes!

    • Amen. Our family is currently living a very tight budget due to a job loss and disease affliction. Having a secure income, in which I could breathe a little easier, would be a great stress reducer. Not to mention, I would love to eat out at restaurants without feeling guilty and I would love to treat other people without a thought of myself. With that said, I will now answer the question directly:
      “Do you guys believe money changes people or does it bring out who you really are?”– People change only if they are open to changing.

  2. Harold Millet says:

    Ronald you will definitely get a conversation here.

    Honestly saying for me being financially free is a great achievement. Not that I have a lot, that I can do and buy everything I want but what money does to everyone. Believe it or not money makes the world go round! But it is just one of the factors that will definitely determine your capabilities in life. There are still a lot of things that money can’t buy that surely contributes who we really are – like your family, friends, our own attitude etc.. And how we use money would greatly affect how we would want to change people if its good or bad.

  3. Stuartart says:

    I heard Jack Canfield in an interview explain that money just makes you a bigger version of who you are, ie: if you’re an idiot – you become a bigger idiot, if you’re a philanthropist – you become a bigger philanthropist. I think there’s a lot of truth in that although it can be down to the speed at which you gain the money. Lottery winners don’t get the chance to adapt to wealth whereas an entrepreneur is likely to work for quite some time before they acquire it. That duration can have a profound effect. :)

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