NOW AVAILABLE: “The Best Inspirational Stories I Ever Read: Guide to a Purposeful Life”

The wait is finally over! Starting today, the much-awaited inspirational book by Alpha Miguel-Sanford together with seven featured personal development authors of Aspire.Motivate.Succeed! is now available!

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With this book you will understand yourself better and start living a purposeful life. This book will encourage you to self reflect by answering guide questions that will help you assess your strengths, weaknesses, values and beliefs. Through these questions, you will start to form a clearer vision of a purposeful life.

This amazing inspirational book focuses on self-confidence, relationships, family, health, dreams and goal-setting, which also aims to guide you in defining your personal missions, talents as well as goals that will contribute to creating a meaningful life.

This is what you’ll expect from the book as directly stated by some of the featured writers:


Avdhessh Arya“Help was not available for me when I needed it most. I know how it feels when no one is there to help you in time of need, so I have written these articles to help you out of compassion, to make your life a little easier, richer and more meaningful.

 In these articles, you can expect the so called difficult concepts of ‘Self Confidence’ and ‘Goal Setting’ explained in a simple and easy to understand format.

 There’s no secret formula to self-confidence and goal setting. All you need is courage to keep things as they are-simple! Because keeping things simple is more difficult than making them appear difficult so you can avoid them altogether.”


Ronald Colunga – “We all have dreams. We all have certain things we want to achieve in life. However, most of us never do. In this book, I talk about dreams, how to follow them and things that you should do in order to follow them. I know  with my small contribution you will go out there and follow your dreams.”



Ria Rombaoa“The purposes that it will serve upon its completion are what made me decide to share a small part in this book. In exchange for what we have shared and written on amsdaily, we will be able to help a lot of kids. Words are powerful and can change anything and one pencil can change someone’s life.

 I do not claim to be a good writer but the essays that I have contributed are collections of personal experiences that I have written and kept a long time ago. Hopefully one can learn a thing or two about life and how to accept and move on from those things that are inevitable.”


Elizabeth Scala“I was thrilled to be included in Alpha’s book, “The Best Inspirational Stories I Ever Read: Guide to a Purposeful Life”. I decided to jump at the opportunity because I am so passionate about holistic, healthy, and balanced living.

 I believe that we all can live the happy, healthy, and purposeful life we choose. And sometimes all that is needed is a bit of inspiration and support. So through my articles, you can expect some real life examples, some practical tips and techniques, and some motivational resources to help them achieve that healthy and balanced lifestyle they are journeying towards. To me, health is not just about the destination. It is a way to nourish all aspects of ourselves to maintain our total well being.”


Kenton Sefcik“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write my part of this book because I had a chance to help a larger audience.

 I wrote some hugely inspiration and motivational pieces that you will surely enjoy reading.  Not only that, but I gave some tried, tested and true methods to achieving what you truly want in your life.”



 Stuart Young“I was really flattered when Alpha asked me to contribute first to her blog and then to this book. My guides are a follow on from my own book and are designed to inspire the reader to take a particular action step that day – to apply the guide throughout the day with the outcome of experiencing something out of the ordinary.

 Each guide could become a catalyst for deeper change in the reader’s mindset and outlook on life. When I applied just one small exercise to my life nine years ago it radically changed my life in just a few short months.

Along with the other messages, exercises, strategies and thought processes in this book the reader will experience a cumulative effect and will find their life changes for the better.”


And finally, this is what Alpha Miguel-Sanford has to say about the book:

 “My dear friends, you have been reading and are continuously being inspired by our daily posts on You have gracefully thanked me, emailed me and told me how much you have enjoyed all the stories we have written for the past year. And, this book – will surely make your day even brighter!

I know through our stories that you read daily on our blog they have brought smile, motivation and inspiration to your daily lives. This book is guaranteed to even bring more than what you have ever read on our site! This book truly contains the BEST inspirational stories I have read!

For only $12.99, you will get what your soul, your body and your mind needs to live a purposeful life. This cost is only a small fraction to your happiness and the life that you so deserved!

My friend, you are dear to me and I want to share with you all of the greatest things that life has to offer through this book. I would like you to experience what I am experiencing: living a more purposeful life. I want you to get to know yourself; find your goals, your dreams, your personal mission. I want you to also live happier and simpler. I want you to be reconnected to who you are! You are amazing, and I want you to see it more!

Thank you for purchasing this book!

And, congratulate yourself for taking the first step in living a more purposeful and meaningful life.

Happy reading!”

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