What Keeps you Going?

In ONE WORD tell us what keeps you going in life?

Tell us that one thing that you wake up for every morning and do what you do.


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  1. Tenacity!

  2. Love…
    be good to yourself

  3. Stuartart says:

    The thought of touching someone else’s life positively. Sounds cheesy doesn’t it – but I get a huge kick out of helping people. I guess I would have to identify ‘significance’ as one of my main drivers in life. I want to matter. I want the world to know I’ve been here, and that I left it a better place. Great question. :)

  4. Harold Millet says:


  5. Sharla says:

    Faith in knowing what is set forth for me to do that day can be done and will be done to the best of my ability.

    Stu, reading your reply reminded me of a question I was once asked and my answer.
    Question: “If you wanted to be famous what would it be for?”
    Answer: “I’m not really into being classified as famous but would like to be remembered for helping people, being there when needed.”

    It’s all about people, helping people. ~Mark Gibson

  6. Niki Alston says:


  7. The Possibility of a Better Day is so Motivating. That We can Create, Develop, Believe, Work, Practice and be Better, Different, Improve and Advance than We did the day before should Motivate us All.


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