Understand What Your Pain Might Mean

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Take the opportunity today to understand what your pain might mean.

Certain therapies will associate specific pains with particular mental issues. They say it’s our mind’s way of showing us the solution to a problem we might be experiencing. The mind manifests a physical representation of the issue in an attempt to get you to look at it.

For instance, knee pain can be due to your sense of direction in life as the knees are integral to you physically changing direction. Shoulder pain may signify you are trying to reach for something you deem ‘out of reach’. Debilitating back pain could be the mind telling you that you need to rest your body completely. (Obvious really!)

The next time you experience pain that hasn’t been caused externally by a fall for example, ask yourself what that area of your body might signify. What might your mind be trying to tell you.

Of course all pain could be a response to the body suffering physical damage so get it checked out if you’re worried.



About the Author: Stuart Young writes his thoughts on his blog How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time. He  launched his book on this topic in May 2012 and has since helped people change their lives. Click here  to get your copy now!


  1. This makes so much sense! My ears were hurting a lot for several weeks and I now realize I need to stop listening so much and put myself first more … realize that I am important enough to do some talking too!

    • Stuartart says:

      Hi Maryanne, of course listening is important but, when you do it to a degree that you yourself are not listened to it becomes detrimental. You must replenish yourself before you can continue giving. Hope your ears are ok now. :)

  2. Laura Webb says:

    I am compelled to write words of caution regarding Stuart Young’s entry in his book regarding pain. Sufferers from a chronic illness, such as fibromyalgia and CFS/ME, have physical pain that is not a mental issue. Pain with these illnesses can be very debilitating and diagnosis is difficult as there is no swelling and tend to migrate. Yes, mental health issues can cause physical pain but ongoing pain, flu-like symptoms, sleep issues, and low energy for several months can also be a physical maladay.

  3. Sharla says:

    Now that article contains some mighty interesting nuggets, Stu! Not sure how to connect the scaly, iching, burning rash that just attacked me over the weekend! Argh-h-h-h-h! Maybe by body is just iching for a vacation! LOL:>)

    • Stuartart says:

      Hi Sharla, could be that! Maybe you brushed against a plant that you’re allergic to. Consider how the symptoms make you feel and what they might be hindering you doing – if it’s not purely physical, the clues will be there. :)

  4. Linda says:

    Very interesting analogy Stuart. I’ve also heard that lower back pain might be related to feeling unsupported. Even if it’s not the emotional being manifested in the physical, I’ve found it helpful to journal about any physical pain in order to help the body work in synche with the mind…an effort to be more congruent which is helpful in general.

    • Stuartart says:

      Great idea Linda, as long as you are seeking medical advice too. This awareness is only supposed to compliment a doctor’s advice. We need to address pain from both sides – the physical AND the mental. :)

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