What are the characteristics of a true citizen?


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By TK Soni


What are the characteristics of a true citizen?

To define this aspect, I have developed a formula of 5Rs.

1st R:          Respect for the Parents. (Behavioural development)

2nd R:          Respects for the Teachers. (Educational development)

3rd R:           Respect for the Society. (Moral and Social development)

4th R:           Respect for the Nation. (Patriotism and leadership


5th R:          Self Respect (that is Self Realisation)

An individual with the quality of 5Rs is what I think a True Citizen. He will not be a perfectionist but a person with values, integrity and responsibilities, who can execute all his action with at-most care towards the benefit of the society and well being of his fellow countrymen without any fear or greed.

Do you strive to be a true citizen?


About the Author:  TKSoni is from India and loves to share his thoughts on personal development. He contributes regularly on amsdaily. He also writes on his blog ‘and life smiles’.