What Inspires You?


What inspires you?

Is it people? Stories? Movies? Music? Family? Friends?

It’s okay to have multiple things that inspire you!

There is nothing wrong with that. Let us know!


About the Author: Ronald Colunga is a regular contributor for AMSDaily.net. He writes his thoughts on his website at  Lifessteppingstone.com! , which he is about to relaunch (make sure to subscribe to his newsletter as well). He is also the designer of AMSDaily’s logo.


  1. What inspires me is recognition. I love to dream up new stuff, then build it. I love the feeling of recognition I get when people say – wow! that’s really good! I think it stems back to my first grade teacher who told me that the moon station I had made for our class project was really good. All the other kids agreed – and I’ve craved that recognition ever since.

  2. weitatory says:

    I am inspired by stories: movies, books, music, rain, people and water.

  3. buena says:

    Hi Ronald!

    To me- inspiration kept filling me in when i embraced my life with God. so what inspires me? just making Him smile. :)

  4. What inspired me, life…to wake each morning knowing that it is the dawn of another new day? A day where we have choices, to help someone, to make changes in our own lives and possibly those around us, another day to create…write, paint and drink in the opportunity to watch the world continue to evolve.

  5. Niki says:

    I have to agree with the previous comments and say Yes Life itself is what inspires me. God, Family, Friends, Music, and Love a the my most important aspects. But whether its sitting on the porch with family and friends, or feeling some ocean waves crash against my feet I am so grateful for Life and each day granted. I do Pray and Live to make the world a better place with each smile, blog, or action.

  6. Sharla says:

    Everything that we presently feel and see moving and taking place in our hearts, our minds, and our lives is His gift to us. We know not what it is or where it is going, but He does and He gifts it to you . . drink in His goodness, savor and cherish every drop. He gifts it to me. . . I drink it in, savoring and cherishing every drop.

    Thank you for being His instrument of joy and inspiration to me.

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