Be Present and Engaged

Photo of Sherri Kennedy
By Stuart Young


Take the opportunity today to be present and engaged.

What I mean by that is refrain from running on auto pilot. We all get into the flow of the day, doing this task and that. Having a coffee, then getting back to the grindstone. Walking the dog, having a bite for lunch, then back again to work. And we do it semi automatically, each day pretty much like the last.

Today, be more aware of your actions. Be more involved, consciously, in what you’re doing. Savour each moment, enjoy it, live it, be grateful for it.

Of course there’s a hundred and one things to do – you have to do them, just do them with awareness. Notice if time slows down or speeds up for you when you’re more aware. It tends to slow down for me, which means I end up getting more done. Don’t ask me how! Also I notice that because I’m paying more attention, what I do do gets done better. Walking the dogs for example, when it’s a chore, my mind is roaming here and there and the dogs blend into the background. When I put all of my attention on them however, the whole experience is transformed. It’s more fun, more rewarding.

Give it a go.


About the Author: Stuart Young writes his thoughts on his blog How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time. He  launched his book on this topic in May 2012 and has since helped people change their lives. Click here  to get your copy now!