Don’t Try, Just Do

Confidence is key in following your dreams.

When you approach something with a “try” attitude, you question yourself whilst having an un-confident attitude.

When you approach something with a “Do” attitude, your mind is confident and you believe in yourself.

What are your thoughts on this?

Can you remember a time you approached something with an “Try” and “Do” attitude?

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  1. Julian says:

    Absolutely true, hence the slogan “Just do it!”

  2. Stuartart says:

    I totally agree. I saw a Tony Robbins conference once where a woman kept saying that she was ‘trying’ to sort her marriage out, Tony asked her to ‘try’ and lift the chair behind her. When she lifted it he said ‘No! That’s lifting it, I want you to ‘try’ and lift it’. She lifted it again, and again he said ‘Nope’. His point was trying is actually neither doing or not doing, it is inert. We must DO or NOT DO. Trying get’s us nowhere. Excellent post. :)

  3. Sharla says:

    Trying takes maximum effort with sometimes little or no return. Thus, the adage ‘Just try, try, try again.’ One may try something one time and do it immediately, thus it was not a trial at all but an accomplishment. Perhaps we should all simply change the way we approach a task and just simply say we are going to “do it”. I hate the expression, “I will try and do it!” Whether deemed a success or failure, just do it and be DONE!

  4. Hazel says:

    There is a really good quote from Yoda which I love (and I’m not even into Star Wars): Do. Or do not. There is no try.

    There is definitely a difference in attitude if you tell yourself that you will try to do vs you WILL do it. Right now, I’ve done myself a huge favor by adapting a can do attitude to finally eliminate my debt. You can read it here:

    I can definitely do it!

  5. Buena says:

    I had the “try” attitude when i saw how energized my friend is doing her runs. I never got energized- until that time “I did it” and actually reaped the benefits of so-doing. The Try- attitude sometimes just stay in the mind; the Do- attitude will move you to act.

  6. Niki Alston says:

    This was a concept my mentor Anderson stressed strongly when I meet him in 2007

    I tell most people since I am 5 years in I am still in kindergarden yet I so aim to fulfill this goal as much as I can every chance possible

    I have been able to see things surface so much quciker and smoother when i write it speak it no more than three times and then do it and each time things always go so much smoother than expected

    I hear and see much testimony to how things work for the good when your True motive is good doing something to help as many as possible

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