How to Accept Yourself

Photo of Ria G. Rombaoa

By Avdhessh Arya


One of the most futile things you can ever do to yourself is to indulge in personality analysis- finding out what kind of person you are.

Let’s say you are an introvert.  That’s cool…that’s OK!

What’s wrong in being an introvert? And for that matter, what’s wrong in being an extrovert?


I have seen many of my introvert students trying too hard to turn themselves into extroverts, and vice versa.

It appears that nobody is happy with what he or she is.  People have been conditioned to believe that they are not good as they are. In order to prove that they are good, they need to get other’s approval, and for that, they need to polish themselves, refine themselves.

There’s nothing wrong in polishing and refining yourself as long as you feel good about it, and do it for yourself.  When you do it to please others, it becomes poisonous.

When you live by others’ standards, you lose your originality. You lose your ‘voice’. And if you really want to grow as an individual, you simply can’t afford that.



About the Author: Avdhessh Arya, is a personal development coach for youth and voice actor, who helps young people break walls of self-imposed limitations and become confident individuals. He is also the founder and owner of, a website portal with focus on dealing with lack of self-confidence, negativity, self-doubt, lack of focus and more. Visit to read more such insightful articles.