End or Extend?

Photo of Ann Maureen Gualberto

By Buena Laoang

Well- June is almost over! And this post concludes our JUNE challenges. Have a run:

JUST ACT!  Whatever it is you have to do to make you feel lighter,  JUST ACT on it!  Feel free.

UNEXPECTED  Has something “unexpected” happened recently?  How did you go about it? If it is for or against your favor- what simply did you learn?

NO, THANK YOU? What’s one word to describe your feelings about AMSDaily since that day you said yes to it?

And we will end up with a challenge that goes like this:


Okay, you are going through something. Maybe it’s a pain or some sort of discontent you just want to end. Or a beautiful moment you want to just go on and on. Whatever it is, your time is up. You need to move on to the next.

We simply have to accept that there is an end to everything. So the hopeless can no longer feel so because, the despair ends and a brighter day still comes. The powerful (for instance), on the other hand, cannot abuse because, there comes a time his authority soon expires.

However, it is true that people choose to “extend” on whatever it is they are experiencing- or do you? How? The miserable extends being one, by not accepting reality and coming out to confront the situation head up. The achiever or satisfied extends on his moment of bliss, by trying to ignore reality and wanting to linger on in what’s supposed to be ‘no longer’ his comfort zone.

But, dear you, if that is the way one does it, do you think there’d be growth (or call that personal growth) on his part? Wouldn’t life be easier if one simply accepts an end and not wish to extend? Could it not be sweeter, or lighter, for anyone else too? Tell us what you think.




About the Author: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete finished Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines Diliman, and an awardee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Philippines in 2001. She worked with the Tarlac College of Agriculture (a government college) as Communication Officer for eight years, and now with three kids ages 2,4,and 6, moved to becoming a full time house mom. Currently she is devoted to satisfying her husband, nurturing her kids, goes to runs and outreaches, and writes. Valuing life, she keeps her love for wisdom, photography, and immersion intact- in and out business.


  1. Stuartart says:

    Nice post Beuna. Thought provoking as usual. I would address this by asking myself ‘How do I know when it’s time to end …[XYZ]?’ One way would be to ask ourselves: ‘Am I still benefitting from this experience?’ If we answer that honestly, we can better determine whether it’s worth continuing with the experience or ending it. I like the way your mind works Beuna! :)

    • buena says:

      Thank you Stu, and that is so true!
      ‘Am I still benefiting from this experience?’ Yes, one has to ask himself that!
      YOURSELF must be filled good by what you do, so that you are more fueled to keep the cycle going for all others! Otherwise, the other thing, “emptiness” will spread!
      An experience that makes it all worthwhile for you and others so there is continuous outpouring of service, definitely has to continue! For when it no longer does its purpose, its magic ceases naturally- what do you think?

  2. Niamh Brown says:


    I had an unexpected day when a family of six swallows decided to turn our back yard into their playground. We have spent all day photographing them and enjoyng their prescense (as it is really hard to shoot them as they are so fast) so many uncaptured moments turned into fond memories as well.

    I learned today that sometime you just got to enjoy what is given to you and let it in. It reminded me of how gratful I was to be in the peaceful countryside with nature all around me :)

    So when I read your article I felt like commenting on what we have only just witnessed…

    • buena says:

      Wow, that was exciting Niamh! Thanks for sharing! We both love the countryside!
      “Sometime you just got to enjoy what is given to you and let it in.”
      You just left us, too, with a very beautiful and powerful note and an all-time reminder in life!
      God bless you!


  3. Harold Millet says:

    I agree w/ Stu, ‘‘Am I still benefiting from this experience?” is really a must question for us to determine to end or to extend.
    Nice thoughts ate Buena! Love ur post!

  4. Completely agree. Muy bien dicho! Peace and Harmony – Armonía y Paz. Para todos.

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