No, Thank you?


Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Buena Laoang

Dear Alpha,

I was wondering- taking myself back to that time you asked me if I could contribute to this site- what if I said, “No, thank you.”

Given my current occupation at that time- having committed myself to fulltime house chores and family duties- I think I gave hints in my letter to you of my hesitation, but in the end I remember, I was still led to say “yes”.

And now, we are on the first year anniversary of AMSDaily!  It’s been one year of working together. It’s been a year of exchanges between us, weekly posts, and a year-round of inspiration inside a friendship.

Should I have just said, “No, thank you” when you invited me to it, would I have had:

  1. Exchanged little but warm talks with blog friends I don’t see, but shared thoughts with me on a weekly basis, and learned from them definitely?
  2. Organized my experiences in such a manner that they turned out to be pages of learning, and challenges to some other people?
  3. Been able to utilize my internet time to a very good cause- to inspire?
  4. The chance to receive comments from around the globe that tell me I moved them or that the post spoke to them, that particular Wednesday, somehow?
  5. Felt genuinely appreciated for what I do, inspired to inspire by you and the team, and on its  1st blogaversary, to be one of the writers of the first AMS Best Inspirational book, and also, personally grow as this site grows.
  6. Would I have maintained a relationship with someone like you that goes beyond friendship- that one called, fellowship-because we aren’t together at one location but our hearts speak one statement- GET OUT AND INSPIRE.

Would I have had- if I said no? For today, I have attained it all with you, because I said YES.

I am grateful, Alpha. As I said, to be in this friendship is an honor. To be part of a purpose I am personally tied to- is fulfillment.  To work it out with a loving heart has its overflowing rewards. And to be one year and not noticing it, is certainly a “Wow!”

CHALLENGE TO AMS READERS: What’s one word to describe your feelings about AMSDaily since that day you said yes to it?

Happy anniversary to all of us in AMSDaily!




About the Author: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete finished Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines Diliman, and an awardee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Philippines in 2001. She worked with the Tarlac College of Agriculture (a government college) as Communication Officer for eight years, and now with three kids ages 2,4,and 6, moved to becoming a full time house mom. Currently she is devoted to satisfying her husband, nurturing her kids, goes to runs and outreaches, and writes. Valuing life, she keeps her love for wisdom, photography, and immersion intact- in and out business.


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