Love What You Do

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By Ronald Colunga

The mind is a very powerful weapon. A weapon that some of us utilize in different ways. Today, let me show a way that you could use it to never WORK another day in your life.

I know you are asking yourself how to do that.

Well it’s pretty simple really.

Let’s think about two things: What you like and what you DON’T like.

When you like something, lets say a sport or a movie you don’t find it as an inconvenience to do that act. In other words, that specific act makes you happy, no? Well maybe not happy per se but you get my point. Now let’s look at something you don’t like lets say: taking out the trash or vegetables. What happens when you perform these acts? You are unhappy to do them, you are angry, sad, etc. Now keep these things in mind and let’s look at them as if they were a job.

When you wake up in the morning for work, or afternoon, or whatever your time may be how do you feel?

Well, most people hate what they do, so they receive the same emotions someone would when taking out the trash or eating vegetables. They are unhappy, they are sad, angry, depressed, etc. Now, let’s look at people that love what they do, the people that can’t wait to wake up in the morning to get their started and do what they love most. They are happy, joyful, friendly, etc.

So have you figured it out yet?

It all has to do with your state of mind!

So, what this all means, is LOVE what you do and you will never have to work a day in your life again!


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