AMSDaily Turns 1!


Happy blog anniversary AMSDaily!

I can not believe Aspire.Motivate.Succeed! turns 1 today! Thank you God, thank you everyone!

Here we are, one year still writing, inspiring, motivating and sharing our knowledge and experiences to you dear readers and connecting with the whole universe! How exciting!

What marks this day special are the readers, followers, fans, writers, photographers, contributors, commenters who have stayed with us throughout the past twelve months. Today is also the time to celebrate what we all have accomplished as a community that continues to become better, bigger and bolder in spreading good news, smiles, inspiration and motivation!

To all of you, CHEERS and THANK YOU very much!

Today would not be extraordinarily special if I will not review what the first year of AMSDaily has brought:

~ On June 14, 2011 I posted my first post on what was I originally dubbed as IdentitySolutions personal blog on, as a response to my own search of my life’s purpose. In July 2011 when an upswing of readers came through, of which the majority of them at that time were only my friends and classmates, I realized I needed to get a domain name to shorten the URL from to a simple, derived from the initials of my name as well as from the acronym of Aspire.Motivate.Succeed!

~ About three months later, on August 6, 2011 the first series of Saturday Success Story went live as my close friend Claire Claflin of Mom Fashion World agreed to share her success on fashion blogging. Since then, we have featured extraordinary individuals who have accomplished more than financial successes but personal contentment serving the needs of humanity. Among the mostly read and applauded posts were the interviews and stories of Yahoo! Philippines Pitong Pinoy awardees such as Jay Michael Jaboneta, Tomas Leonor and Anna Oposa. The Filipino-Canadian celebrity, Daphne Osena-Paez also openly shared her story with AMSDaily along with many other Filipino movers and shakers in the social media and charitable industries such as Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, Mon Corpuz of the Black Pencil Project, Dr. Antonio Ingles of Aral Pinoy, Cromwell Bacareza of FIT Philippines and John Michael Dellariarte of I CAN make a Difference.

All of these stories, along with the other individuals featured here, were all my source of inspiration. It is my hope that as we continue to look forward to many more weekends filled with success story that you will aspire to become as great as these individuals in your own pursuit of happiness and success.

In celebration of our anniversary, we have the following well-known Filipinos whose stories are worthy of sharing to everyone, lined up in the next few weeks:

Anna Meloto-Wilk

Tricia Gosingtian

Carissa Villacorta

Rommel Juan

Anton Mari Lim


~You have also seen various transformation of the site’s theme from a simple free theme to what you now see a more interactive, easier navigation lay-out. (Check out our previous look.)

~Today, after a year of contemplating on an AMSDaily logo, I am now unveiling our much needed logo. What you see on the picture is a collaborative work between myself and our very own AMSDaily Tuesday contributor, Ronald Colunga of Life’s Stepping Stone. You will now see this logo on the header of the site, and will remind you that in your daily life, there is daily inspiration. And, in your daily search, you might as well consider AMSDaily as part of your routine!


~One of the best things that have made AMSDaily as successful and inspiring as it its names are the people behind it. Yes, my daughter and my husband both see how engaged I am with the process of blogging and how dedicated I am to bringing you daily inspiration by staying up late and communicating with several people around the world. They see it all the time – but you probably do not.

So, today in honor of the most talented and best inspirational writers/contributors we have, I would like to thank the following individuals for their unbelievable commitment and great collaboration with me, as the site’s founder and editor:

Stuart Young

Ronald Colunga

Buenaflor Laoang Rosete

Avdhessh Arya

Elizabeth Scala

Ria Rombaoa

TK Soni

Here are also the photographers who have blessedly shared their beautiful pictures:

Randy Legaspi

Shem-shem Pablo

Frederick Claflin

Michaela Cruz-Ungos

Feliza Carrera

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!

~ As the Editor of AMSdaily, I look forward for the future of AMSDaily! With the launch of our first book next month and all the other blessings we plan to undertake we want YOU to feel more welcomed than ever! We want you to continue to stay with us, read with us, share your story or your photos (remember if you have any black and white photos of happy people, contact AMSDaily) – and together we will grow!

So, today I would like to invite you to participate in the weeklong ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY on AMSDaily starting tomorrow until next Saturday, June 23, 2012 by interacting with us via facebook or twitter; you will also get more entries upon liking our sponsors’ social media accounts and sharing each contest’s link on your twitter/facebook account and tagging @identitysolved and @Aspire.Motivate.Succeed! on FB.

Here are our great and wonderful sponsors:

June 17 Rachel Sayumi at @RachelSayumi (Twitter)
June 18 Prettiful Designs
June 19 Aspire. Motivate. Succeed.
June 20 Ciera Design
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Help me celebrate AMSDaily’s Anniversary, by spreading birthday cheers and inspiration! Share, interact, comment, follow, like and just say “hi” below – that way I’ll know you are with us on this special day.

As one of our readers commented, “….that alone is inspiring me!”

Cheers! And more cheers!