Everything Turned Out to be All Right

Painting of Bren Bataclan

By Alpha Miguel-Sanford


Today is the end of another academic year at my day job and I must say it was one of the most exciting years I’ve had in my career as an educator.

If you remember from last year, one of the things I did when I started this new role was to bring a painting from Bren Bataclan, a Filipino-American painter based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that says, “Everything will be all right!” and presented to the rest of my colleagues at our first department meeting. I even used that same line on my e-mail signature and I plan to keep it for as long as I can.

Yesterday, as we were preparing for a department pot-luck luncheon, one of my colleagues asked, “I thought you were going to give us a copy of that painting” pointing at theEverything will be all right!’on my door.

I said, “Unfortunately, Bren Bataclan stopped producing the postcard versions since he has been busy with his school murals in and around Boston.”

Then my colleague added in reply, “Why don’t you give that to me and I will ask my Dad to scan it and can print it out for us!”

I immediately answered with excitement, “Sure, why not?”

That brief conversation really struck me for a few things:

1. that, a simple yet powerful statement has helped me go through a year of learning to lead and be led.

2. that, if an individual truly believes something positive will come out of a given situation despite numerous challenges, then indeed “everything will be all right!”.

3. that, if an individual puts in his faith and confidence in everything that happens beyond his control, he can still manage to be resilient for he knows that somehow, somewhere, some way “everything will still be all right!”

4. that, in any organization the only constant thing is change. Some people are reactive to change; some people aren’t. But, if an individual is open and willing to see how a certain change may bring about a level of progress, then it will naturally follow that everything will be under control and that, “everything will be and might be all right!”

5. that, a simple affirmation whether in the form of a statement, an object or any type of visual media will directly or indirectly help an individual during trying moments.

Do you believe, just like what happened to me this year that “everything will be all right’?

Let me know your thoughts!