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By Buena Laoang

Just last weekend, the whole world witnessed an unexpected outcome of the Pacquiao-Bradley fight in boxing- well, at least a surprise for most boxing enthusiasts and fans.

Unexpected happenings, or constraints, or decisions like thateasily create shock, tension, sometimes bewilderment or doubt, or evenarguments amongst those who are affected. But whatever the turn of event is- that needs to be respected.

Unexpected. Surprise. Twist. However you call it- it happens.And though we will be caught unaware when it happens, wecertainly know we have to be ready anytime.

What is important is, you are able to confront gracefully what you did not expect. You take it calmly, maybe a little difficult to have it cheerfully if it is one against your favor but- you accept it, think about it, and good-naturedly react or go about it. If you are favored, humbly thank God for the opportunity.

Something unexpected tests your character. It’s something that doesn’t happen all the time, but something that makes you learn all the time.


CHALLENGE – Tell us about something “unexpected” that you had to deal with recently. How did you go about it? If it is for or against your favor- what simply did you learn?




About the Author: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete  is a regular contributor for AMSDaily. You can also visit her blog at Barefoot Life Reflections to read more  inspiring stories.



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By Buena Laoang



  1. Rhoda says:

    So well timed for me today and thanks for the affirmation that whatever it is always take the unexpected gracefully no matter how tempting it is to blow one’s top!

    • Buena says:

      Hi Rhoda! That is just the better attitude towards it! If we sulk in dismay or give in to anger, it will just aggravate our feelings of losing the situation- so just take it, see the beautiful side, and get by gracefully. You owe- at least to yourself- that awesome look whatever the situation ;)

  2. ElizOF says:

    A lot of unexpected things have happened lately and they really tested my resolve, my center, and my sense of justice. But you know, I’ve come out the other end wiser. People will disappoint but never those who are true and never the Creator. For that, I am grateful. :-)

    • Buena says:

      Hello ElizOF! It’s been a while…oh, thanks for sharing that to us! That is so true- GOd Almighty will never abandon us, and so the people who truly believe and love us! You will grow wiser daily as you continue to be open to God’s instructions and see through things with a happy attitude. :)


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