Change Your Story

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By Stuart Young

Take the opportunity today to change your story.

I wonder how many excuses you use. You know the ones, where you give examples of why you’re not further ahead in whatever area of your life you’re talking about because…

If only I’d done better at school.’ ‘If only we’d lived in such and such place we could have…’ ‘If only such and such had allowed us to…’ ‘If only my boss had…’ ‘If only the economy hadn’t…’ etc. etc.

Time to change your story.

Believe me I had a story once (probably still do in some areas of my life) and it went kinda like this… ‘If only my boss would just let me run this company it would be so much better.’ Followed closely by… ‘If only he’d pay me what I’m worth.’ Which led on to, ‘If only I had my own clients I could do this myself.

Blah blah!

Eventually I changed my story, started my own company on a shoe string and ended up tripling my income in a two year period. So, get rid of your excuses, put your thinking cap on and start planning the life you want instead of moaning about the one you’ve got.


About the Author: Stuart Young writes his thoughts on his blog How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time. He has just launched his book on this topic and if you are lucky enough you might still get a signed copy. Click here  to get your copy now!


  1. Stuartart says:

    Hi Alpha – indeed there are a few signed copies left. Having said that, any subscribers from AMSDaily that buy a copy will definitely get a signed one! :)

    • Harold Millet says:

      I totally agree Stu! That should be the attitude! :D

    • Harold Millet says:

      Hi Stu! I called my mom few days ago and she said she already have the book. As soon as I get back home I’ll start reading it! I really can’t wait! So happy! Thanks! I really appreciate it!

      • Stuartart says:

        I really hope you enjoy it Harold. I was talking with another buyer today who decided to start the book on the day it arrived and they said that in the last week, 3 of the guides have happened on the day and 1 happened the day after. All that will make sense to you when you start reading your copy. ;)

  2. ALEXANDRA says:

    this post reminded me of how much the nuns from my elementary school HATED (I think that’s the only thing they were allowed to hate ;) EXCUSES…which do more harm to one’s image (and even self-image) than good!! thank you Stu!

  3. Buena says:

    That is really encouraging and powerful, Stu. ;)

  4. So true! Everyone needs reminding of this every now and again for the simple reason that it’s so easy to slip into a negative, moaning mindset and this takes up all of our time and energy – time and energy that could be spent following our dreams instead. Thanks for the reminder!

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