Just Act

Photo of Quawee Whitening

By Buena Laoang


As I write this post, I actually have a long list to do, after a long day of field work to the goat farms.

To those who are familiar with it, I had been a full time house mom for an entire year, and just recently my happy fulltime mommy-hood has commenced, and I am officially back to being a career mom!

Now, new items have been added to my usual schedule of tending the children, working out the house chores with my spouse, and the many other “little things” that consume much time and of course, of prime importance for us.

But going back to my story, as I was covering out the books of my daughter for the opening of school days here in the Philippines, my body longing for a refreshing time on the shower, I suddenly remembered I am up for this post! So what will I do?! Tempted to “think” about it first, “plan my schedule”, and constantly interrupted by the curious questions of my children about my field visit, and worried if I can make it in time for this commitment- I exclaimed to myself, “Just act!”

And here I am, sharing what I’ve been up to for the day (the previous days having been too hectic, on the adjustment period at least), and telling you, it works to JUST ACT!

For now, I’m finished with this post, got in touch with you once again, and as I mark one thing-to-do off my list, I am encouraged and energized to do the remaining others!

CHALLENGE of the WEEK: Whatever it is you have to do to make you feel lighter,  JUST ACT on it!  Feel free.


About the Author: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete  is a regular contributor for AMSDaily. You can also visit her blog at Barefoot Life Reflections to read more  inspiring stories.