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Focus plays an important role in following your dreams.

Question of the day:

How do you stay focused?


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  1. Little mini goals during the day help me stay focused.

  2. Don Ruhl says:

    To focus, I pray without ceasing that God would help me to focus, and when I do bring my request to Him for this, He answers my prayer and I get focused.

  3. Stuartart says:

    Great question. I stay focused by only giving myself specific goals that day – usually about 6. In order of priority – toughest one first (unless one of them only takes a few minutes and will help one of the others get done). Sometimes I use Dean Jackson’s 50/20/50 rule – get rid of all distractions then give yourself 50 minutes to get ONE task done, then take a 20 min break, then spend another 50 mins on another SINGLE task. Try it. :)

  4. Sharon Rule says:

    Staying focused is a real problem for me because I have attention deficit disorder. I liked the suggestions that were made. I’m going to try them.

  5. --Rick says:

    The best way to stay focused is to understand that their is no important point in time other than the moment you are experiencing. Make the best of it.

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