STOP Being Resentful

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By Stuart Young

Take the opportunity today to STOP being resentful.

Resentment is a real joy killer. Yes it can act as a motivator in certain circumstances but why would you want it to be when you know there is no happiness or fulfilment in the outcome derived from it?

Resentment is blame in disguise. When we resent someone achieving something or winning something or getting something in any way for instance, we are actually blaming something or someone for us not getting it.

It’s alright for them, they have…” is usually how our inner resentment will start our inner dialogue of excuses. Just be aware when you’re doing it, allow it to run its course for a minute or so, then smile, realize what it is and let it go. Now think of the opposite of what you were resentful about. If it was that someone is not helping you with something, think how helpful they are in other ways. This is usually enough to move you into a state of gratitude. Remember the mind can’t be in two states at the same time.

I know this is harder than I make it sound, but have a go, practice it as often as you have resentful feelings.


About the Author: Stuart Young writes his thoughts on his blog How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time. He has just launched his book on this topic and if you are lucky enough you might still get a signed copy. Click here  to get your copy now!


  1. Johnars says:

    Well said, thank you

  2. Noel B says:

    this is quite applicable to my life. I have to be grateful not just about how lucky I am, but about how good people have been to me. It’s not right to begrudge anyone their good fortune, especially when I have also been given tools to succeed. Thanks for sharing Stuart / Alpha!

    • Stuartart says:

      Good luck with it Noel, we’ve all had these feelings and we all feel that we deserve to have them – but we must realise they are hurting US. Practice, practice, practice! :)

  3. --Rick says:

    Instead of being resentful; try being more productive in develeoping your personal talents, skills, and intellectual capacity and focus on the things in life that make you happy instead of what others have or are doing. In the end doing the latter is a waste of time and energy that could be better spent on the former. You only have one life; so live it and leave others to do the same.

    • AMSDaily says:

      I totally agree Rick! I love your line “you only have one life…so live it and leave others to do the same”!

    • Buena says:

      I believe we share the same thoughts in there, Rick and Alpha! We only have one life! And as we can never control others, we can always control what we do! You are right, Noel, we can choose to be just grateful all the time. Gratefulness is one of the big keys to success :)

    • Stuartart says:

      Well said Rick, we can all choose what we focus on. :)

  4. Great writing…truth is the door to understanding. ajm

  5. Harold Millet says:

    Very well said Stu! Everyone has goals in life and it’s a matter of helping each other. And anyway why being resentful for something that doesn’t even affect you? Or is it just your selfish ego that dictates you?

    • Stuartart says:

      It is partially the ego Harold. Resentment can stem from feeling that we are less than someone else because of what they have or what they achieve. We are not less though, the real crux is: we resent that they are more resourceful or resilient than we are. Instead we should turn that resentment to admiration and it will become an inspiration. :)

  6. Another great job…I share all of your post as all are thoughtful, interesting and to the point. ajm

  7. Buena says:

    “But why would you want it to be when you know there is no happiness or fulfilment in the outcome derived from it?”
    love your posts, Stu!

    • Stuartart says:

      It serves our ego to be resentful sometimes because we can believe that it’s not our fault that someone has more or achieves more. The fact that they do highlights our own deficiencies. Instead we should turn it into admiration. :)

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