STOP Being Resentful

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By Stuart Young

Take the opportunity today to STOP being resentful.

Resentment is a real joy killer. Yes it can act as a motivator in certain circumstances but why would you want it to be when you know there is no happiness or fulfilment in the outcome derived from it?

Resentment is blame in disguise. When we resent someone achieving something or winning something or getting something in any way for instance, we are actually blaming something or someone for us not getting it.

It’s alright for them, they have…” is usually how our inner resentment will start our inner dialogue of excuses. Just be aware when you’re doing it, allow it to run its course for a minute or so, then smile, realize what it is and let it go. Now think of the opposite of what you were resentful about. If it was that someone is not helping you with something, think how helpful they are in other ways. This is usually enough to move you into a state of gratitude. Remember the mind can’t be in two states at the same time.

I know this is harder than I make it sound, but have a go, practice it as often as you have resentful feelings.


About the Author: Stuart Young writes his thoughts on his blog How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time. He has just launched his book on this topic and if you are lucky enough you might still get a signed copy. Click here  to get your copy now!