What I’ve Learned from Elmo

¬†Kevin Clash, Co-Executive producer of “Elmo’s World,” the Director, Puppet Captain and Performer of Elmo wrote¬†the following lessons he learned from Elmo.

“The joy I have witnessed when a child meets Elmo for the first time is incredibly overwhelming to me. I often feel like a fly on the wall witnessing pure happiness when Elmo’s fans, young and old, greet their furry red Sesame Street friend in person.

Nothing is sweeter to me than watching a child, with just a diaper on, coming up to Elmo for a hug. I remember one little girl who actually pulled Elmo off my hand and walked away with him, holding Elmo like a baby. I can still see this child, sitting on her mother’s lap, rocking Elmo to sleep. It was such a funny moment.

One day, a young man contacted me about his upcoming tenth wedding anniversary. He wanted Elmo to sign his Best of Elmo video as a gift to his wife. He explained that every time he or his wife had a bad day they would come home, put on the Best of Elmo video, and it would change their mood instantly.

What I have learned from performing Elmo is that loving and laughter are a gift, and they should be shared every day.”

And of course, Elmo LOVES you!