What did you do this month towards your Dreams?

Photo of Feliza Carrera
By Ronald Colunga
I can not believe May is almost over! I would like to thank you for all your great ideas, comments and feedback every Tuesday on each question that I post here about your dreams, goals and future plans. Therefore as an end of the month take off, I would like you to do one more exercise. As they say, reinforcement is pretty powerful and I would like you to do more of that.
Plus, I would like to end this month off on a great positive note.
Therefore, I am going to ask you this:
Make a list of what you did this month towards your dream.
Make it authentic. (It is your list anyway)
Do not be embarrassed of what you have done – even the crazy things!
For example if you want to become a professional body builder – getting a membership to a gym would be on this list.
Make sense? 
About the Author: Ronald Colunga is a regular contributor for AMSDaily.net. He writes his thoughts on his website at  Lifessteppingstone.com!