Take the Opportunity: Gaze up at the Stars

“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest” – unknown

Photo of Michaela Cruz- Ungos

By Stuart Young


Take the opportunity tonight to gaze up at the stars and be awe struck by the sheer size of this universe.

This should be a humbling experience. Whenever I do it, apart from getting a stiff neck, I always feel inspired. Something to do with the magnitude of the universe and the impossibility of understanding how it all got here or even works, makes me feel that I don’t need all the answers. If my tiny little life is going to mean something I better get on and do something. I realise I must create the opportunities in my life rather than wait around for them to spontaneously appear.

This is pretty empowering and I hope you have a similar experience.

Fingers crossed for a clear sky.

Take care!


About the Author: Stuart Young writes his thoughts on How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time. He aims to provide a “set of 365 practical little guides which WILL change your life if you commit to implementing as many as possible.” He is also completing his book about changing your life one day at a time. You can check his thoughts here.


  1. catnipoflife says:

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  2. haroldmillet says:

    Surely Stu I’ll get that gaze tonight! Thanks

  3. ElizOF says:

    Yes, it helps to get out of our heads now and again. ;-)

    • Stuartart says:

      That’s it, sometimes we just need to reconnect with the all. I find that this simple practice really inspires some deep thought and some great ideas.

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