Oil in Your Lamp

Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people – your family, friends, and coworkers, and even strangers you meet along the way. – by Barbara Bush


Photo of Michaela Cruz- Ungos

By Buena Laoang


Let us take the lamp to the workplace. Let it stand for a worker’s field of expertise, or special talent, or his deeper purpose in life.

It being so- the worker takes his lamp everywhere he goes, to serve its share of light to the world, and to inspire the worker aflame in his existence.

The worker knows that without his lamp, he is without armor. If his lamp fails, he might not bear- for where he is might turn too dark, or too cold.  He would need his lamp to provide the light in his direction, or the warmth in his heart, or the spark of hope he needs to keep his flame burning.

Therefore he has to see to it that his lamp does not run out of oil.

But what if the worker becomes too exhausted, or there is no means to get the oil, he might choose to endure the dim for a while. But he knows even when he goes to sleep, and in his dreams, that he has to restore his lamp with oil. Lest, the lamp, and himself, ceases to serve.

This week- ask yourself this, is your lamp still burning? Or did you notice it fails to give out the best flames lately? Does it still have ample oil? Do you have to replenish it with more?

For without oil- whatever you think that will stand for in your worker’s life, your lamp- your gift of service to humankind, will eventually cease burning.

Challenge: Replenish the oil in your lamp.

Which “oil” do you think you need now? Keep your beautiful purposes and wonderful existence ablaze by filling your lamp with that.  And remember this- it is only YOU who can provide the best oil; for others will also be busy filling their own. :)


Editor’s Note: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete contributes weekly on AMSDaily. You can visit her blog at Barefoot Life Reflections to read more about inspiring stories.