Does age stop anyone from achieving their dreams?


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – by C.S. Lewis


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By Ronald Colunga

Big question for today -
Does ‘age’ stop anyone from achieving their dreams?
What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. ALEXANDRA says:

    Oh my goodness, NO! in fact, maybe with age (and more free time/less responsabilities) is when you get up the nerve, you even feel invincible, you feel courageous…well, at least I do! to take out that shriveled up list and start re-thinking your strategy because if not now, WHEN? You put everything on hold for so many years (read: childbearing+child rearing years) that you even forget what your dreams where and when YOU FINALLY GIVE YOURSELF THE CHANCE your dreams may be obsolete but YOUR ENTHUSIASM IS STRONGER THAN EVER, your thirst for a life all your own energizes you and you can start TO DREAM AGAIN, but this time THOSE DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!! Thanks for such a lovely and thought provoking question, Alexandra

  2. Well Ronald,
    I’m a young 57. Have achieved many dreams and still working on more. Age is only a number, not a feeling…so don’t get attached to it.
    be good to yourself

  3. Rasha says:

    Great point!

  4. Of course age can stop one from reaching a dream – at some point age becomes a factor. The secret is to not wait so long that age is a major factor in reaching the goal. Of course age also gives us the wisdom to realize what which dreams we should keep chasing!

  5. Stuartart says:

    I talk about Burt Goldman in my book. He taught himself the piano and now writes beautiful tunes. He taught himself to paint and has since had major success with selling them. He taught himself photography and has had equal success and he started an online business which now turns over $millions per annum. Burt is 84. He started all of the above when he turned 80! That’s a hell of an achievement in 4 years in anyone’s book. !

  6. Hell no! I consider myself a late bloomer anyway. I started my own business at age 45 and I married (for the first time) the man of my dreams at age 48. And in my 40s, I still get occasional modeling jobs!
    Prior to all that I have experienced ageism in the workplace, but it only pushed me to a better place in life. Now I make double what I did before! Just goes to show, sometimes the universe doesn’t speak softly — it shouts! I LOVE the other comments and can’t wait to read more!

  7. Rick says:

    With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes courage and strength as opposed to recklessness and spontaneous risk taking. Dreams are much more likely to be reached under the former than the latter.

  8. Julian says:

    HELL NO!
    The older you get the more you understand how precious time is and procrastinating to do something that moves you closer towards your dreams and goals is in fact a disservice to you and the ones you love.

  9. Harold Millet says:

    “Age doesn’t matter”. You only lose the battle when you quit and stop!

  10. Ria Rombaoa says:

    No… It’s just a matter as to when do we start to achieve our own dreams. We all have our own dreams but some of us have reasons why oftentimes we put things on hold. Life is a constant journey… Achieving our dreams only stops when we give up and be bothered by age.

  11. Vikki says:

    I’d like to say no, but, i guess it depends on what your dream is. There are a few industries out there where you cannot join if you are over a certain age, which is a shame :(

    I think sometimes, we have to slightly alter our dreams, to fit with our physical capabilities ;)


    • Stuartart says:

      I agree, there’s no point setting a goal of doing the 100m sprint in 5 seconds as you’d have to run at over 40mph and that’s unattainable. A goal has to be at least in the realms of achievability. Good point. :)

  12. sue bock says:

    At any age, I am never too young or too old to learn or dream. Curiosity can be a life source to your inner self and who is too old for that? Yes, dreams need to be within some loose boundaries, and who sets those up? Yourself. Maybe 40 mph is humanly unattainable, who says we have to stop trying? : )

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