With a Smile

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. – by Dr. Seuss


Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Buena Laoang

It is good to be back! For the month of April, I missed sharing with everyone on this site, due to some personal matters, which I must say, are among those that matter most in my life.

Well, let me share it to you! As to how I spent April, the acronym would have been W-I-S-E.

W- Weeklong reflection. It was then the remembrance of the holy week, and thru the whole week I tried to be reminded of the life lessons the Lord has willed me to go through in each phase of my existence. I summed up being grateful, praising, and more in love with the Lord.

I-Inspired teaching. The second week I organized a class among age 10-12 pre-teens, on a refresher course cum motivation for high school life. It was indeed an invigorating event for me to teach again. It filled my heart with joy and made me remember my very blessing in life. Because of it, more books will also be acquired for a dreamed community library and learning resource center.

S– Satisfying relationships. The third week was devoted to satisfying the different relationships I have. I met with Alpha to chat personally when she had come home to the Philippines, and another best friend who arrived from Italy, and more from our hometown. Our family celebrated on our 8th wedding anniversary, the little story of which shared here last week. And then I joined a spiritual convention among women uphill, where I had the opportunity to work with energetic, very determined senior citizens in an evangelizing mission. In all these, what I realized is that, a person’s achievement can be measured in many ways- the possessions he gained, the degrees he attained, the fields he excelled at… but real life fulfillment- according to these same persons- can only be measured by how huge the heart has become because of the love that gets in!

E– Enjoying it all. And yes- just enjoying each experience that comes my way. God is the author of my life; He gives me freedom to act on my will, and opportunities to make His creations (including myself!) every day better. I shall just want to live according to Thy ways, and deal with every circumstance with a prayerful heart. I shall labor and eat the fruits of my labor. I shall give and sure to receive. I will just pray.

That’s how my WISE April has been spent, shared to you today. And this May, I am going to resume on the weekly challenges with the acronym, WORK.

Please, I invite you to get involved once again! I believe that in about more than 80 countries, May is fueled by a celebration of the International Workers’ Day, which is May 1. So, this month we will explore WORK.

And we have this first challenge this month- Work WITH a SMILE :)

Isn’t that an easy start?

Not only that a smile can gladden people who see you, lift their spirit, or leave a bit of inspiration on their part. Your smile will also keep YOU healthy, cool, glowing with beauty, and exuding warmth through the days!


And when the soul becomes downcast, kneel down and pray, and believe me, after the spirit has rested its case with God, you’ll soon be enjoying your days with a smile.

PS.  I will be asking our editor to empower this post more with that song, “With a Smile” by the Eraserheads, a famed band here in the Philippines. Or you can try this one on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cI0zaipQkE. I just wanted to share that song to you, and hope that you will all be touched by it and inspired, as much as it does to me every time. :)


Editor’s Note: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete contributes weekly on AMSDaily. You can visit her blog at Barefoot Life Reflections to read more about inspiring stories.