Wedding Anniversary

Keep with your  vows. With faith, it’s all worth it!

And believe in this promise – whoever God has joined together, no one – nothing can ever separate them!


By Buena Laoang

And yes- eight’s happiness!

I am glad and almost can’t contain my thanks to God especially, because of the beautiful events He creates in our life. The story of Vaks’ and mine’s marriage would sum up that eight years and still together, it actually is a miracle!

Because of great and apparent personality differences, it is only by God’s love for us that we have remained faithful to our vows- after all the stories beyond one’s imagination: Buena going away with all her birth certificates and all; Vaks almost literally damaged a door that remained closed; Buena escaping to the mountains; Vaks escaping to another region… and so on the love story goes, BUT IT REMAINED A LOVE STORY, after all.

The power of love indeed! And it’s the power of God’s love.

We offer endless gratitude to my in-laws and friends and instrumental people who have stood by us and helped us get through. You are all angels in disguise!


Editor’s Note: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete contributes weekly on AMSDaily. You can visit her blog at Barefoot Life Reflections to read more about inspiring stories.