What is your definition of a DREAM?

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. – By Walt Disney

Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

Most people say dreams are un-real.
They are something that will never come true.
How about you?
What is your definition of a dream?

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  1. shaey says:

    To DREAM for me is to hope for the very things God has placed on my heart and positioned me for.
    A deep desire that I can not run away from, but pursue with all that is within me until I reach it.
    I know that reaching the DREAM is the beginning of my success…. until I have a new DREAM :)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Gorgeous picture of Auckland!

  3. Rose-Marie says:

    A grip on the future and what I may become or an indication of something that needs my attention, those are what a dream is to me.

  4. Hi Ronald,
    I believe that ‘dreams’ are different for each of us. I’d say it’s when we become disconnected from our day to day happenings and allow our thoughts to wander…this is ‘day dreaming of course however when we ‘allow’…then we dream with intent.
    Nightime is a different story & to be honest I can’t come up with a plausible description.
    Thankyou for this.
    be good to yourself

  5. Igor says:

    I think my own definition of a Dream is a Deep Desire/Wish/Longing to make a particular thing happen that will make a person happy.

  6. Vikki says:

    My definition of a dream is something we desire, and want to stride for. I firmly believe that you can make your dreams come true, if you’re prepared to put in the hard work, chase them, because they don’t just fall into your lap unless you’re incredibly lucky ;)


  7. Sharla says:

    Definition of a dream can follow two different paths: a wish/desire to reach/acquire an aspiration/tangible item or subconscious thoughts/images/sensations experienced during sleep. Either are definitely inherent to human nature and without them life would definitely be “life without _______” . . . endless possibilities! My thoughts – “Life without vision.” What are your thoughts?

  8. Dreams are the carrots dangled in front of our noses to keep us trotting along daily to overcome any challenges, obstacles, disappointments or pain. Dreams enable mere mortals to get up one more time after being knocked down. If you can dream it, you can achieve it! I believe that if God gave us the ability to dream, He also gave us the power to achieve them, as long as we never give up!

  9. haroldmillet says:

    For me Dreaming is making the Impossibility a Possibility.

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