You see Humility from a Tree


The words shared will never end; the hours spent together seem never enough, but what holds a meeting very special- is the warmth exuded by each one that adds to the person’s total being. 

By Buena Laoang

I have joined Alpha at her home today (4/16/12) and more priceless than the hilarious, heartwarming stories shared together, is the event of seeing a “tree of humility” and experiencing its fruits!

I was really humbled by Alpha’s family, wherein humility reigns- from her look-alike lola (grandmother) who welcomed me by the gate; to her soft-spoken mom, prayerful father,very obliging siblings, cheerful relatives who were with us around the lunch table, and of course, their very pretty Tala, Alpha’s sweet little girl.

I want to thank Alpha for the blessing of having me at her home, to her family for making me feel very warm, to God for adding this wonderful ading (younger sister) to my life!




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