It is Yours!

All that is here, is yours!


Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

By Alpha Miguel-Sanford


Do not let someone take control of your dreams. It is yours.

Do not let someone steer your life where you want to be. It is yours.

Do not let your fears take over great opportunitites. You will not succeed.

Do not let your past interfere with your future. You have already learned from them.

Do not let your failures scare you from moving on. You have already won.

Do not ever tell yourself you can not do it. For if you do, you have hurt yourself.


Your life, your dreams and your future are yours. Do not be afraid.

Do not hesistate.

Know that you can. And you must!







Take it where you want them to be.

Dream high!

Dream big!

Dream the impossible!

Because in the end, they will all be yours.