Take the Opportunity: Be courageous

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By Stuart Young


Take the opportunity today to be courageous!

This might be in the face of adversity, it might be just being brave about something or it might be something really important like making a difficult decision.

Whether you’re nervous about that speaking engagement coming up or whether you need to muster the nerve to ask someone on a date – dig deep and do it. This one courageous moment could change your life. Forever!

I know this is one of those difficult challenges I spoke about at the beginning of this book but hopefully you have tried enough of the other challenges to give you some habitual momentum today.

Go for it!



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  1. it took a while, but i eventually learned to swallow the lump in my throat and get out there. Now, I just get nervous about two minutes before I have to do a major thing instead of a week before the event. Good advice. (as usual!)

  2. I love the term habitual momentum. It is so true. The more I push myself to do something, the more confidence I get, and the easier it becomes. Now I embrace many challenges.

  3. lula1234 says:

    I like that term habitual momentum too! The more I do crazy seemingly impossible things the less fearful I am, the more confident I am and the less I care whether it works or not. I am now a bit more frightened of NOT doing and not being courageous!

  4. lula1234 says:

    I love that term habitual momentum too. The more seemingly crazy and impossible things I do, the more fearless I am to try new things or just go for what I want. In fact, I think I am now more scared of NOT being courageous and going out on a limb. And if it don’t get – move on to the next!

  5. I love this! I second the habitual momentum comment. Creating better, positive habits is what I aim to do. This comes at the perfect time for me! I am starting something new tomorrow and more changes are on the horizon for me. I LOVE the phrase “dig deep and do it!” Its what I needed and, I am sure, others needed to hear. I am learning to believe with everything and take it one moment at a time! Great post! Thanks!

    • stuartart says:

      Gina you have it bang on – one moment at a time. Small steps are less intimidating and they can build to bigger steps! :) Good luck with your venture.

  6. catnipoflife says:

    For me, I have to focus on the courage of America. Our country was founded on faith, hope and COURAGE! When we look back over the many obstacles and battles that it took to win America’s freedom, was there ever doubt of courage under fire? Are the firing lines today really much different, whether they be of a personal or military nature?

  7. Great point Stuart,
    be good to yourself

  8. AlohaKarina says:

    Another good blog post today, congrats. There seems to be a lot of “recharge” and “renew” and “go for it” and “clutterbust” in the air today. I will cross my fingers that I am the winner–both items sound right up my alley. :)

    Crossing fingers. And thanks for the uplifting message!

  9. Hi Stuart, I enjoy your posts. I’ve found through the years the more I get to know myself and enjoy my own company the easier it is to be courageous. The more accepting I am of myself, the less I depend on other people’s opinions. That gives me the freedom to take chances I might not otherwise. If I fall, the landing is not so hard. I only have me to account for and I’m pretty lenient as well as constructive with my feedback. Looking forward to more opportunities for courageous living!

    • stuartart says:

      Thanks Linda, you’re so right to be lenient on yourself. Failure is part of all of our journeys, we need to be supportive of ourselves when we stumble otherwise how can we ask anyone else to be? Thanks for your insightful comment. :)

  10. Savira says:

    To get out of my comfort zone I do this but slowly..especially when living a new place.. The initial reaction is to stay within but I know at some point i will have to take that step and your post reminded me of that!

  11. Niamh says:

    This post came at a poignant time for me. I was just fired from my Job on Friday due to sickness, but I’ve been able to turn the negative into a positive as I’ve finally decided that I am really am worth it and good enough to start my own business. Up until now I had allowed my self doubt to hold me back, so this is something that is long over due. It is such a relief to finally be working on my own ideas for once. Anyway, thanks for sharing such an encouraging post at this time in my life as I really need it! :D

    • stuartart says:

      I’m rooting for you Niamh, it does take a lot of courage and determination to start your own business. I started mine 9 years ago and haven’t looked back since. The amount of freedom I enjoy now is beyond what I imagined. Good luck and bon voyage! :)

  12. tksoni says:

    If we want to achieve extra ordinary success, we must have courage to put in exceptional hard work.

  13. I’m often told I am courageous. This past week I have felt cowardly…this is a timely word of encouragement for me. Thank you so much!

    • stuartart says:

      Thanks Shandracarison, we all feel fear from time to time and we all allow ourselves to be influenced by it. When we call it ‘cowardly’ we attach shame to it. There is nothing shameful in feeling fear. Feel your fear and find the strength to do it anyway. Failing here and there is ok – so go for it. You will learn and grow no matter what happens. Good luck! :)

  14. I am often told I’m courageous. This past week I have felt cowardly…this is a timely word of encouragement for me. Thank you so much!

  15. Stuart, you have kept your voice pure and simple…which is greatly needed in our industry. Continue to post…we need you.

    Be encouraged!

  16. This one courageous step… the secret! :-)

  17. Tim Mushey says:

    Great post! I recently joined Toastmasters to help me continue to overcome my fear of public speaking..

  18. haroldmillet says:

    As I have mentioned in my past comment it’s not easy to be courageous but it will definitely lead us to that way we wanted to be!

    • Stuartart says:

      True Harold, courage is not easy to muster. We can inspire it in others more easily sometimes than we can muster it in ourselves. As with most things – practice makes perfect. if we become courageous in small ways often, when the opportunity to be courageous in a big way appears there’s more chance we will be able to rise to the occasion. :)

  19. Bravo! I love this idea: “This one courageous moment could change your life. Forever!”
    If we want to change our life, we have to change our life. I like your idea that we can start today. No, better yet, start right now!
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Diana Bletter

  20. Emily says:

    Yes!! Go for it!! Love this post. Thanks for sharing!

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