1. Great words to live by.

  2. Our finances have been horrid in this season of a six month layoff for my husband and illness for me.
    It could be so easy to fall into a trap. We have had to ask ourselves many times what our motives are and what kind of person we want to be in the process of looking for ‘something’ to make an income. We can not let our desperation lead us to foolish choices. Thank you for the sensible reminder, money is not our goal.

  3. I love the integrity and passion for truth in this blog. It highlights the importance of having the courage to ask uncomfortable questions and say ‘no thank you’ if it feels that something isn’t for you.

    It can be tricky to dig a bit deeper when someone is pushing something onto you which has no real substance, often doing their darndest to defend the thin air they are trying to sell you rather than face the truth that they have been duped or have fallen for something. The author here shows true grit and courage in sticking with discernment.

    But above all, I love the message in this that trust is something you build through being trustworthy, adding value and sharing in integrity (well, that’s what I got out of it, anyway). One of my favourite books is The Go Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann which talks more about adding value rather than just going after money.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring! :)

  4. stuartart says:

    Great advice and it’s why a lot of the online marketing gurus talk about giving away great content, so prospects can see what you have to offer ‘before’ you offer to sell them something. Spot on post. :)

  5. DSS Ramam says:

    Trust is an important issue whether it is in business or in personal life. All of our relationships such as husband/wife, parent/child, employer/employee, teacher/student, businessman/customer are trust based. Trust comes from trustworthiness. Trustworthiness comes from character and competence. The examples given in your above post indicate people wanting to make a quick buck without bothering about creating ‘trust’. Invariably such people fail. In my long years of sales career, I have come across number of sales people trying to take the customer for a ride. They didn’t last long because they had no credibility. There is an excellent book on “Trust’ entitled “The speed of Trust” by Stephen M.R.Covey. I highly recommend this book for those who are interested to know more about the implications of trust or the lack of it..

  6. In a world where many hide behind the anonymity of the internet is a cooling balm to the soul to see posts like this one. Trust is a fragile vessel of great worth. Once broken, it is possible to repair, but it will never quite regain the glory, perfection, and value of its original state.

    Be encouraged!

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  8. I have a former client who is a minor (very minor) sports figure in golf and she was asked to endorse or be the spokes person for any and everything. And,she did it she really likes the money. When asked about a particular product she endorses by media or fans, she can’t talk about the product. She stutters and stammers and b.s.’s her way through it. People can tell she isn’t sincere and it is has hurt her reputation in the long run and the endorsements deals have since dried up.

    If you don’t believe in it, you are not going to be able to talk about it.

  9. Loved this! Trust is one of the most essential parts about owning and running a business. Without trust you cannot expect to build a loyal customer base.

    Please check out our blog with advice for business owners!

  10. Excellent Post! I am in Direct Sales/Network Marketing and This is a Major issue for new people in the business. Relationships are of the highest Value, the financial reward comes later. It is vital that anyone in this line of work develop trust with our customers and our business partners. Thank you!

  11. ylbnoel says:

    money follows trust and not the other way around. thanks for sharing!

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  13. Janet says:

    And another reason we ought to do what we love – if so, it’s not for the money but so as to make a difference in others’ lives. Just because we can. Thanks great post.

  14. A BIG thanks for you Alpha….:)

  15. airdocful says:

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    Excellent article on trust as an entrepreneur

  16. living4bliss says:

    I just completed a webinar about building trust in order to build business. Then I read this post. Funny how that happens.

  17. haroldmillet says:

    Again Avdhessh I was blown away by your post!
    We have dealt with the same situation before and that still my thinking!

  18. I have to agree with this whole heartedly. If you do not know what they are selling nor understand it, it is not something worth putting interest into. People think “Money money money” runs everything. It doesn’t. If people don’t like the person or their experience and do not trust it, they will NOT follow, buy, etc, and you will not get that “Money.” Treat people like people. Not idiots.

    Good entry.

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