Wednesdays with Buena: “Honors”

Photo of Shem-shem Pablo

By Buena Laoang

My son and my eldest daughter are both in the honors roll in their respective schools this year.

I couldn’t smile bigger.

They aren’t at the top of the brightest students in class, but I have seen how they studied hard and I know their areas of skill. They know how to help each other during home works. They ask for the assistance of each other in making their projects. They don’t forget to say the words “Ate”, “Ading”, “Thank you”, “Welcome”, “Please”, and “I love you”. They remember to pray on the road, and every mealtime.

My daughter asked, “Mama, is it okay that I’m not number one?”

“Of course,” I said with a smile. “I know how a good girl you are! To be in the honors roll because you study hard, you recite in class, you do your assignments with diligence, and you create your projects with cheerfulness and purely the works of a loving heart… that’s one thing! But as my little girl (and even your ading boy) who have constantly been obedient to Mama and Papa, loving to Amma and Lolo, respectful to the teachers, polite to everyone, and know how to pick your trash and put them to the garbage can- you are my first honors!”

“And that is what we call character, my dear one, and that’s the most important award!” I ended with a nose to nose, and my daughter, listening intently smartly concluded,

“Oh yes Mama! My friends in school are! Do you think they will like it if I give them gifts?” And I could see her excitement as we took our way to the toy store, and she began busily talking about what to give to her other honor classmates, about what items they might like best, or what will make them remember her, even in summer time.

Dear Parents,

I believe all our little ones, be they in the school honors or not, deserve our gifts, as they have completed another school year. Well- that’s hard work!

We know what their abilities are; and that if we choose to give them so, each skill truly deserves a medal. Let us take them to ice cream treat. Buy them something they can play with this summer vacation. Let us all celebrate with our hopes of the future. :)

Congratulations to all children and their parents!

Mom Buena

Editor’s Note: Buenaflor Laoang-Rosete contributes weekly on AMSDaily. You can visit her blog at Choosing to Live my Last Days With to read more about inspiring stories.