Tuesdays with Ronald: Question on Dreams

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By Ronald Colunga

Hello Everyone!
Very nice to see everyones answers last week! Good job everyone! Let’s touch on the same topic this week!
As you know, I love to write about dreams. So let’s take that same concept and answer some other questions about ourselves, shall we?
Last week we answered “what were three things that were stopping us from achieving our dreams?”
Now let’s fast forward a little bit.
Imagine yourself fulfilling a dream that you have.
What would your life be like? What would you do after you have achieved that dream? What will you make of this new life?
Essentially the question is “If you were to achieve your dream, what could you imagine your life being like?” 
Let your imaginations run wild with this one! Remember, this has a purpose! If you want to connect with me and have a conversation about anything please do not hesitate! I love talking!
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  1. I missed the post on what was stopping my dream. I am a visionary. That is the ONE thing that has been a blessing in the midst of frustrations. Finances are in our way at the moment. That really is THE factor.
    My dream; to live in Huntington Beach where sun, health and our home church await. To be able to write and publish children’s books and have my husband drum for our income. The one thing about my dreams, I need to make sure they line of with God’s plan. I am not sure how great moving my boys to OC schools would be ;) Maybe we will retire there !

  2. Imagining…I imagine I would have 20 acres upon which to garden. Toss in a few geese and chickens wandering about and I’ve fulfilled my dreams. That’s the ultimate. This of course, after I am able to sell written material.

  3. I don’t have a dream to be rich, but I have a dream to be financially free. Wealthy enough to spend my hours working and fulfilling something that I’m passionate about. I would spend time learning the craft of photography and spend my days looking for great shots. Being financial free opens so many doors. I see myself being more balanced and focused should I ever manage to be financially free!

  4. niki1k says:

    Living my Life with my dreams achieved would be Life of travel, sharing, and more sharing. I have my eye on a house thats been on sale for the past two years since I moved to my last residence so I would purchase that property and fix it up as I desire, I would buy my daughter, my mom, and me the new cars we talk about buying often and invest the rest in non-profits and community events. The life of my dreams will provide the ability to leave an inheritance for my children and their children, secure the inheritance my grandfather has passed on to us thus far, and build community; Loving thy neighbor as I love thyself And yes that Family is my community

  5. Hi Ronald,
    Keep up the great work. I’m living my dream @ present however I have further dreams (they are ongoing) so My answer is ” that I will continue to be happy, fulfilled and excited to enjoy and create continuing dreams & goals”
    be good to yourself

  6. living4bliss says:

    I, too am living my dream. Every day I am growing and reaching more people personally and professionally.

    I guess my greatest dream would be that I would continue this growth and hopefully continue to bless and help others.

  7. jolynproject says:

    “If you were to achieve your dream, what could you imagine your life being like?”

    My dream is vague in its presentation but very specific to my heart. I want to have genuine, unconditional love for myself so I can spread it like wildfire to others. So with that, my life would be the following words: Peaceful. Loving. Honest. Beautiful. Exciting. Simple. Fun.

  8. Good topic, Ronald. I’m reading a book called The Brain That Changes Itself, and it gives scientific proof (based on decades of research) that just visualizing something changes the structure of the brain–concrete proof of The Power of Positive Thinking!

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