Saturday Special Edition Story: What is a Successful Blog? (Blog Better Boston)

At today’s Blog Better Boston, it gave me the opportunity to learn more about blogging and how bloggers are influential in today’s world. There were at least 130 Boston-area bloggers who came to interact, listen and share one sounding purpose: blogging. It also gave me the opportunity to ask various bloggers what is their answer to this question:

What is a successful blog?

It was great to go to the conference with my friend Sam Claflin of MomFashionWorld, and who also took these lovely pictures. Thanks Sam!

One of the things I loved about today’s event was meeting the founders of Blog Better Boston, Amy and Alana:


Now, on to what our Boston bloggers had to say about AMSDaily’s question:

Building an engaging community! – by Kristen D’Amour of The Clothing Menu

If you can feel the passion and you know that the person truly cares about what they do. – by Ashley Kathryn Pardo of The Grizzly Kitchen

Getting in tuned with your readership and finding your one main purpose and sticking with it. If you don’t write what you love, it shows. – by Rachel Chemerynski of Healthy Chicks

Success is getting what you want. Once you are happy with what that, then your blog is successful. – by Kheidee Zamora of Kheidee Zamora

Blog success is if I am happy with it. I blog by the rules. If you learn to do what you want and basically blog what  you want. If you are happy with your blog content, then you are successful! – by Jess Southwick of The Cat’s Meow

Having readers appreciate your content; to have readers share the same love; to have readers appreciate and enjoy your blog posts! – by Jasmine Lee of AdamAlexMommy

Engaging blog! One that is interesting. – by Krystin Ulanday

Is reaching out to get readers get interested and express what they are also interested in. Just making sure that readers are being inspired by you. – by Cassie Harris of BostonTweetUp

For me, it’s building community. – by Sharon Chung Sprague of UMommy

I would like to figure that out first. I think everybody defines it for themselves. – by Emily S of CityBabyLiving

Originality! – by Hilary of LYST

Take into account what the reader wants but at the same time take the time to show your own voice. – by Naeun of SummerinSea

Engaging! – by Thaddeus Figlock @t_fig

Being happy in your posts and having readers appreciate your posts! – by Sam Claflin of Mom Fashion World

Collaboration with everyone! – by Niri Jaganath of MommyNiri

Using your passion and gifts to teach others. – by Gina Baird of Simply Live Blog

How about you? What to you is a successful blog? Tell me your thoughts. And…

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