Wednesdays with Buena: Choosing to live my Days with



By Buena Laoang

I am now about on its second week writing on this site.

Every day since this started, I try to contemplate in finishing the phrase…

“choosing to live my last days with ….”

To tell you sincerely- it helped me daily. The circumstances surrounding me- personal or in the lives of others I observe- when you begin to fill in that blank, you will begin to think about what you really want in life, or what matters to you most.

And though I receive a very low feedback on this site, for forty days which I am reserving as a special retreat for myself, I will try my best to always post a new one.

I know how busy all of us are. For me, this serves as my therapeutic routine in engaging with life. I suggest that- in whatever way you choose to do it- start spending each of your day with an empowering routine.

A missionary routine, while we are still alive.

Pray by your knees. Turn off everything and just be in the silence of your heart. Write a little note to somebody daily. Send inspiring messages thru your unli-texts. Speak kindly. Or whatever you can handle to do.

One, or two, or three people may be reached by what you model. And even in secret, or in an extraordinary way, your little act of joy may cause the joy of another.

PS. God bless us everyone.. we all aren’t perfect.. we have things about us to overcome.. issues to confront.. but our mighty God sees us enduring all the time, and He shall bless us according to our heart’s desires.