Tuesdays with Ronald: Achieving your Dreams

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By Ronald Colunga

Let’s keep it going this week with life reflections.

I want you to think in depth about this one. Answer the question in the comment section below.

As you guys know I’m a sucker for individuals following their dreams. However, it is not an easy road is it?

There are plenty of variables and obstacles in your way. Nothing comes in this life for free, eh? I want you guys to answer the following question:

What are three things you think you need to achieve your dreams.


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  1. Vina Kent says:

    God, my family and my determination….wait…make that stubborness…! Thanks for sharing

  2. determination, action, tenacity

  3. rheath40 says:

    Will power, support, and time to achieve the goal.

  4. Sloan says:

    Faith, focus, patience and persistence! Okay, that’s four; but it’s the difference between dreaming and dream making! Great post!

  5. living4bliss says:

    A dream, belief in that dream and action in that order. The how will take care of itself.

  6. A plan, determination and some kind of a support system, whether it is spiritual, emotional or whatever you may need. Thanks for prompting the thought pattern!

  7. Cee Neuner says:

    It’s all a matter of if I believe I can achieve them. I’m the biggest stumbling block.

  8. Motivation, inspiration, support of friends. Great question!

  9. SweetP says:

    Ask. Believe. Feel.

  10. elroyjones says:

    A good work ethic, flexibility, and a sense of humor.

  11. haroldmillet says:

    Faith, Love, and Courage!

  12. Good Health, Better Sleep and a Healthier Schedule :)

  13. The 3 things you absolutely need to have to achieve your dreams (in my humble opinion) are:

    3. and COURAGE

    Your blog continues to inspire me each time I have a chance to visit. Thank you! In appreciation for your contributions here in WordPress, I have nominated you for “Very Inspiring Blogger” award.

    You can find the details about it here: http://akissofbliss.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/awards/

  14. The obstacles themselves, they urge us to get past them. Smiling on purpose. Getting back up every time you fall down.

  15. 1) A big enough WHY?
    2) A BOLD PLAN that scares you!
    3) A burning DESIRE and NEVER QUIT!

    • Julian,

      Great answers. However, why do you say a plan that scares you? I believe you need to be courages to follow your dreams. Not many people do it because of Fear itself.


  16. stuartart says:

    Excellent exercise to do. This is a good one for getting clear. All of the replies above are valid but I’m guessing the question is rhetorical. So, everyone – what are the 3 things stopping you achieving your dreams, personally!? :)

    • Stu,

      Thank you for commenting sir! However, I didn’t see your answers ;)
      Look forward to reading your post!


      • stuartart says:

        Hi Ronald – good call! There is nothing stopping me achieving my dreams. There is nothing stopping any of us! We are choosing to move towards our dreams OR not. I’m moving towards mine. Incrementally, one step at a time. The question is: Are You? ;)

  17. handstitch says:

    Dream/What Stops Me:
    1) Travel the world – $$$$$$
    2) De-clutter – Time and discipline
    3) Play Sax – Time and dicipline

  18. Currie Rose says:

    As I’m looking to achieve a big goal at present, THANK YOU for asking this question!

    1. More savvy knowledge in the areas of social networking, photography and film making.
    2. $$$- Let’s face it, having the means to present a polished appearance helps.
    3. The Universe to throw me a bone and show me all of my actions have not been in vain…

    • Currie,

      Perfect timing, I must have read your mind! Knowledge is king isn’t it! You must educate yourself in order to move forward! Money is needed of course. I believe this stops a lot of people from achieving their dreams. Hahaha throw yourself a bone Currie! Make your own opportunities!


      • Currie Rose says:

        Thank you! Yes, I know… I am working to create my own opportunities. My wish is that I start to see movement in the areas I am doing my best to stimulate.

        Success is coming my way. I know it!
        Have a great weekend,

      • Currie,

        That’s great to hear! Trust me, if you start making your own opportunities, everything will fall into place.

        I feel the same way about myself! Great to see we think alike! Have a great weekend! You could always connect with me on Facebook and Twitter or shoot me an email. Im always available for good conversation! Ronald@lifessteppingstone.com


  19. a belief in yourself
    hard word
    sheer determination

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