Take the Opportunity: Start a Good Habit

Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Stuart Young


Take the opportunity today to
start a ‘good’ habit.

Starting a habit only takes 21 days! That’s right, 3 weeks and you are
well on your way to creating a good habit in your life whether that’s
going to the gym every day, eating your 5 a day every day or resisting
smoking each and every day.

The next stage is 4 months. If you can push yourself through the first
21 days of creating a habit it exponentially becomes easier and easier
each and every day after. When you hit the 16 week mark (4 months) you
will have a deeply embedded habit that is harder to stop than it is to

What are you waiting for? Decide today which habit you would like to
kick or which you would like to start. Choose one only, in order to
give yourself a chance to succeed – you can always choose more habits
in the future once you have tasted the success of this first one.

Good luck!


Editor’s Note: Stuart Young writes his thoughts on How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time. He aims to provide a “set of 365 practical little guides which WILL change your life if you commit to implementing as many as possible.” He is also completing his book about changing your life one day at a time. You can check his thoughts here.