Tips on Caring for Yourself, Positively

Photo of Randy Legaspi

By Catia Michelle

There are some great resources on the Web about Self Care, and I hope over the next months to be a great resource for you about Self Care, Inspiration, Healthy Living and Happiness. But before reading about all the great ideas of Self Care activities, let’s start with the two most important practices that lead to great Self Care: 

1.  The first practice is to listen to all the times you use the word should in a day. When we use the word should it usually signals that we don’t actually want to do something, but we feel obligated for whatever reason. For now, don’t try to stop using should altogether, but pay attention to how you use it (out loud and in your head, because yes, everyone talks to themselves). If you do catch it, try re-framing the sentence with the word want. Does it work? Do you really want to do that thing? Or do you indeed feel obligated? 
2. Practice saying No. I know: this is something you have heard 1000 times. So make a goal that once in the next two weeks you will block of an evening all to yourself for rest and relaxation and say no to whatever might come up. Setting a target date and trying it out once is the best place to start exercising our no muscles. If that goes well, maybe try one more time. Or try an “organic” No: when someone asks you to do something and you think you should do it, but you don’t want to, take that as a signal to say “I’ll pass” and spend your time, money and life doing something restful and inspiring. 
This is a rather negative list of first steps (should and No), so I’ll leave you with 5 positive Self Care ideas to try over the next few weeks!
1. Take a bubble bath. This is my favorite Self Care practice! Candles, Music and a Good Book are definitely welcome!  
 2. Spent 15 minutes stretching. Very gently. Move your body slowly and stretch out sore, stiff muscles (remember, if you want to stretch your legs don’t bend over, sit or lie on the floor and stretch gently)
3. Sip hot tea. Green tea especially has some amazing properties that can boost alertness and provide a sense of calm.
 4. Take a walk in a local nature preserve. It doesn’t have to take long. 15 minutes is plenty. Really try and be mindful of what you are seeing and passing. Make it a point to notice.
5. Go to bed early. (Enough said!) 
Editor’s Note: Catia Michelle is a pastor, who loves to write about motivation, routines/habits, mornings, and exercise. She maintains a blog, Joy For Today and commits to contributing on AMSDaily twice a month.