Who to Keep?

Photo of Frederick Claflin

By Avdhessh Arya

Here is something I want to tell you:

I am supposed to ‘cooperate’ with a negative family member who has been disturbing the atmosphere for quite long now. After trying to make that person understand what’s wrong, and failing, I have decided not to. Period.

All of us want to connect with likeminded people, who share our interests, but there will be some who might not like you, and may even try to harm you. Mentally or emotionally. So, what do you? Carry the burden on your shoulders because you are supposed to or….. Quit.

I prefer quitting.

Not because I am a quitter, but, because you must know when to quit.

You are here to live your life, be happy and help others become happy. Not all people will support you. Choose who you want to associate with for the highest good of all. If something resonates, good, or else quit.

Not all people are worth keeping company.

Editor’s Note: Avdhessh Arya, is a personal development coach for youth and voice actor, who helps young people break walls of self-imposed limitations and become confident individuals. He is also the founder and owner of avdhessharya.com, a website portal with focus on dealing with lack of self-confidence, negativity, self-doubt, lack of focus and more. Visit http://avdhessharya.com to read more such insightful articles.